Active Server Pages (ASP) Tutorials and Courses Overview

An Active Server Pages (ASP) tutorial or course can provide skills in server-side scripting technology that is used to create interactive Web applications. Students interested in Web development may take an ASP tutorial or course. The tutorial is available online and the course is offered at community colleges and technical colleges. Read on to learn more.

Essential Information

Students interested in an Active Server Pages tutorial can take a tutorial offered by Microsoft. The ASP tutorial consists of two modules that provide step-by-step instruction in ASP applications and demonstrations. The ASP tutorials can be taken by anyone with a background or interest in Web programming.

For Active Server Pages courses, students can turn to technical colleges and community colleges. The ASP courses are offered as part of a broader curriculum or degree program, such as Web development.

Here is a list of concepts commonly explored in Active Server Pages (ASP) tutorials and courses:

  • SQL queries
  • .Net platform
  • Web applications
  • Functions
  • VBScript

Tutorial Description

The ASP tutorial provides individuals with knowledge and skills in sample application building and ASP page development. Students learn how to create interactive Web applications and sites using server-side script technology combined with HTML, XML and COM software languages.

The tutorial is broken down into two modules so students can focus on one part at a time. The first module discusses how to create an ASP page using HTML and VBScript. The second module explains more in-depth about how to build an ASP page with ads so the site can generate e-commerce. Some of the module lessons include guest book creation, ASP page writing, ASP page functions, HTML tag displays and Excel spreadsheet displays. Counting page hits, rotating and testing ad information and redirecting users from ad links are other topics.

Course Description

Individuals enrolled in an Active Server Pages course learn about creating Web-based programs using server-side Web application technology. The ASP course consists of scripting languages, SQL and HTML. The course also provides an examination of Access databases, Visual Studio applications and Web application configuration.

Students can gain hands-on training in Web programming by using advanced Internet architecture, advanced Web development tools and Web application data integration. Students also learn how to use various programming languages and codes that they can apply to master pages and user controls on Web applications and Web services.

Some of the course topics include basic syntax; variables; form processing; viewing, adding and modifying records in databases; and Internet architecture. Students also explore Web tasks such as how to create and use services, troubleshoot applications, build server applications, upload files to a server and locate third party services.

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