Los Angeles Valley College Instructor Alexandra Lezo Wins Study.com's First Instructor Grant

Alexandra Lezo is the first recipient of the Study.com Instructor Grant. Ms. Lezo teaches at Los Angeles Valley College and has used Study.com pre-history video lessons in her community college classroom.

Ms. Lezo stated that she chose to use the lessons because 'the subject matter of these videos coincides with the first segment of my course and helps to explain important background themes. My online students enjoy a variety of media, and these videos were a nice addition that clearly outline important points.'

western civ screenshot

Ms. Lezo's students were provided with the links to the video that was to be used. They were also asked to complete the Study.com survey and complete a survey provided by Ms. Lezo to provide feedback about the lesson. Students were asked if they liked the video and if they would watch more videos from Study.com. Some of the replies from her students about the video they watched included:

'I enjoyed watching the video. I found it to be both educational and fun. It had a lot of information, yet it was easy to understand.'

'It was actually pretty interesting. I loved the cartoon images. It was clear and easy to understand. Definitely grabs your attention.'

'I enjoyed them very much because they were different than most informational videos I have watched.'

'Yes, (I would recommend the video) because it makes something complicated much easier to understand.'

'I think the video illustrates the real concept through the cartoon characters, which makes it even easier to understand basic standpoints.'

'Not only will I watch more vid(eo)s, but I'm going to recommend this site to my friends and family because I feel this is a valuable learning tool. And it's produced in a way that connects with the students of today.'

What did Ms. Lezo think about her experience using Study.com videos? Would she recommend them to her colleagues? She said, 'I would recommend Study.com's videos to my colleagues for use in several lower division courses. I would recommend the videos to be presented before discussions to outline major themes or perhaps as part of the review process in an in-class environment or part of an online course. The videos are very simple and therefore, can be incorporated into a variety of classes, such as history, art history, philosophy, religion, anthro(pology), etc.'

In the interest of keeping the Study.com videos relevant and useful for those who need them, we asked Ms. Lezo if she had any suggestions on how they could be improved. She responded by saying, 'It would be nice if the offerings were more expansive. At the moment, I would only be able to incorporate the western civ(ilization) videos. Several short videos on non-western subjects might be more specific to other courses. There could also be some videos covering umbrella subjects, such as anthropology. These could have a multi-purpose function, such as the western civ(ilization) videos. Other than expanding offerings, I would not change anything about the videos at this point.'

So, it seems that Alexandra Lezo had a positive experience with our videos and her students did, too. She found a way to effectively incorporate our lessons into her regular curriculum. This is one of the reasons why she was the winner of our Teacher Grant.

We are on the lookout for our next Grant recipient. Could it be you? Click here to learn more about how you can qualify for and apply to be the next grant winner.

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