All About the GED: Nevada

Aug 03, 2018

GED Eligibility in Nevada

In order to take the GED in Nevada, you must be a resident, not enrolled in a high school or a graduate, and at least 18 years old. There are exceptions to the age requirement rule if you are 16 or 17. The board of trustees of a school district may allow exceptions for a valid reason. Additional requirements, such as attaining a minimum score on the practice test, could also be imposed by the local school district if you are underage.

Passing and Scoring

The American Council on Education (ACE) and Pearson Vue oversee the GED test and advise states on testing procedures and officially approved study materials. The test consists of 4 subsections in math, science, social studies, and reasoning through language arts. The current test takes just over seven hours to complete. You can sit the entire battery of tests in one day or take one test at a time. The minimum score needed to pass the GED test is 580 overall and at least 145 on each subsection. Students should visit GED's website to keep abreast of any changes to the GED test.

Preparing for the Test

Nevada residents preparing to take the GED test have the option of attending formal classes, receiving tutoring or studying on their own. The state's adult education centers usually operate free of charge, but there may be some costs for study materials. Individuals may be given a pretest or an assessment examination to help identify their weaknesses and create a plan of study. You are only required to take this pretest if you are 16 years old and live in select school districts. You can visit the Nevada Department of Education's website to find the adult education center nearest you.

Students who want to study on their own or supplement their classroom learning may visit the GED website. The GED website offers resources that are aligned with the GED tests. There are also resources at your local library and televised classes on the Public Broadcasting Service (PBS). Although you can prepare for the exam online, the actual GED test must be taken at an official testing center.

Requirements and Retesting

Fees are due in advance of testing and are generally non-refundable. You must be a Nevada resident to take the GED test. Adults should arrive at the testing center with a government-issued photo ID. Retesting is available if you fail a test; however, you must wait 24 hours before retesting. If you fail three times, then you must wait 60 days before retesting. You can take a test as many times as you need.


You can request special testing accommodations if you're disabled as long as you provide documentation and send in a request to your testing center. The GED test in Nevada is also available in Spanish and Braille.

Why Get Your GED in Nevada?

Education and jobs go hand in hand. Your GED credential gives you the opportunity to attain a high school equivalency certificate and further your education. Recent research shows that more education means more income. Your GED is a way to a better career and a family sustaining wage.

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