Aviation Data Analyst: Job Description, Duties and Outlook

Jun 24, 2021

Aviation data analysts use data to make predictions and give estimations related to all aspects of aviation. An undergraduate degree is needed to break into this field. Operations research analysis is exploding right now, the Bureau of Labor Statistics is projecting job openings to grow much faster than average through 2029.

Essential Information

Aviation data analysts review data, create estimations, and make presentations pertaining to flights and other aspects of the aviation field. A bachelor's degree is the standard educational requirement for entry-level positions, but a master's degree may enhance career opportunities.

Required Education Bachelor's degree for entry-level; master's degree for advancement
Projected Job Growth (2019-2029)* 25% for all operations research analysts
Average Salary (2020)* $92,280 for all operations research analysts

Source: *U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics

Aviation Data Analyst Job Description

Professionals in this field review aviation-related information to make decisions about flight routes, spending practices, employee efficiency, safety, and many other topics. Aviation data analysts may specialize in different areas, such as defense or aerospace. Some focus on particular aviation issues, such as changing safety protocols or investing in equipment upgrades. Analysts conduct their research in accordance with rules set by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), but analysts working for the government may also have to adhere to other regulations, especially in regards to national security.

Aviation Data Analyst Job Duties

While duties will vary depending on specialty, one common duty may include cost estimations. When analysts make cost estimations, they have to consider multiple variables. For example, when planning flight routes, aviation data analysts determine how much fuel is required for each route, the amount of passengers onboard, and how many crewmembers are needed. All of these factors allow analysts to figure out the most cost effective flight routes that also serve the most customers.

Analysts use the data collected from cost estimations to create professional presentations. According to job postings listed on CareerBuilder.com, in March 2012, employers expected workers to make presentations about various topics, such as the return on investment with aviation equipment or the financial benefits of changing employee policies. Analysts would also be expected to prepare presentation packets with outlines, notes, and statistical data.

Another common duty includes reviewing aviation reports. Aviation workers complete detailed reports for nearly every task, including loading cargo, equipment maintenance, and preflight check lists. By cross-referencing several reports, analysts can make many determinations, such as the likelihood of equipment failure or the speed of service. After reviewing the information, analysts often make reports with recommendations for improvement or policy changes.

Aviation Data Analyst Job Outlook

The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) does not have exact employment information specifically for aviation data analysts (www.bls.gov). Nevertheless, aviation data analysts have duties similar to operations research analysts. From 2019-2029, the BLS estimates that open positions for operations research analysts will increase by 25%. This career field is expected to grow quickly because more businesses are concerned with overspending, and analysts will be needed to conduct thorough cost estimation reports. In May 2020, the BLS reported that operations research analysts earned an average annual salary of $92,280.

Job opportunities for all types of operations research analysts are expected to increase tremendously through 2029. Aviation data analysts can work many types of employers, in several specialty areas. To get started as an aviation data analyst, it's suggested that you research bachelor's degree programs related to this career.

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