Both a Student and a Parent: Studying Alongside Your Kids

Being a student and a parent presents many challenges, but it also presents many opportunities. When a parent returns to school, it's a chance to act as a role model, bond with family members and take advantage of having a natural study partner. These benefits can make both the parent and the child better students with stronger connections to each other.

By Jeff Calareso


Role Modeling Study Habits

Just by returning to school, you're setting a strong example for your children. You're demonstrating the importance of education and showing how you're willing to sacrifice your time in order to expand your knowledge. You can take this role modeling further by studying alongside your kids.

When you study in the presence of your children, you can teach them new and effective ways to complete homework and prepare for tests. This may include establishing an organized, quiet study space free from distractions, such as television or the Internet. You can also study at set times in order to model the importance of routine in studying. These actions, and others like them, can act as a guide as your child develops his or her own ideas of how to succeed in school.

Family Bonding

If you're looking for a chance to bond with your kids, consider studying with them. When you complete homework alongside each other, you can bond over the mutual experience. You can share the joys of finishing a difficult assignment; you can also share the frustrations of challenging or tedious work.

Studying together is an excellent opportunity for your child to see you in a different light. As a parent, you play many different roles, including disciplinarian, chauffeur and cook. By watching you face the daily obstacles of completing problem sets, writing papers and studying for quizzes, you can connect as peers going through a shared experience. This can foster a bond that is both special and long-lasting between you and your child.

Your Very Own Study Partner

Finally, studying alongside your kids is a terrific way to push each other to learn better. You can quiz each other on the respective material you need to learn. You can challenge each other to make it through daunting assignments. You can also cheer each other on with motivating words when one of you is struggling.

When you each reach an established goal, you can share in a reward together. Not only does this encourage you both to achieve more, it also presents a bonding opportunity. You can reward yourselves with something you both enjoy, such as a snack break for a small goal or a trip to the movies for a bigger goal.

Studying alongside your kids isn't the only way to involve your family in your education. There are also numerous ways to take what you're learning and bring your education home.

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