Careers in Football

If you're a football fan, you can understand peoples' passion for the sport. But did you realize you can turn your love of football into a career? Here is a list of careers that cater to football fanatics.


NFL Internships and Entry-Level Programs

If you're a true football fan, what job could be more exciting than working for the National Football League? In the NFL's Summer Internship Program, you can gain hands-on experience through work in different departments, including finance and accounting, human resources and information technology. The NFL's film division also offers unpaid internships in cinematography, music composition and more. Most opportunities are offered at the league's headquarters in New York City.

In addition, the NFL's entry-level Junior Rotational Program allows you to gain experience in multiple departments, including public affairs, marketing and football operations. Accepted applicants also participate in training, mentoring and networking events. Similar to the internship program, most assignments are located in New York City; additional opportunities may be offered at other U.S. locations.

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Sports Agent

Do you want to work with top football athletes, helping them decide what team to play for or how much they are worth? As a sports agent, you not only work side by side with athletes, you can also interact with football coaches and team owners.

If you're looking to pursue a career as a sports agent, you might think about earning a degree in sports management. You should also explore internship opportunities with established sports management agencies, such as Sports Management Worldwide (SMWW). In addition to internships, SMWW hosts career conferences throughout the U.S. where you can learn about career options and earn college credit in the process.

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Marketing and Public Relations

Football teams at the college and professional levels employ marketing and PR professionals who are responsible for promoting the teams' public image. These individuals organize community events, stadium promotions or other special events designed to support ticket sales.

Marketing and PR staff members often work with coaches and players to produce advertising for television, newspapers, radio and the Internet. Some of these professionals may coordinate team members' media availability or work with corporate sponsors on partnerships that are mutually beneficial for companies and teams.

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Careers in the sports broadcasting industry are quite extensive. Higher profile positions include those of play-by-play and color commentators you see on national pro and college football telecasts. However, on-air positions are available at all levels - including television and radio opportunities for high school sports.

While it is often established commentators and SportsCenter anchors who get the most public face time, a vast network of additional technical and production staff is necessary when broadcasting football and other sports. Getting involved in this behind-the-scenes work can be a good way to integrate a passion for football into your career plans.

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Not all of us can be the next Jerry Rice or Peyton Manning, but coaches have the opportunity to help develop tomorrow's football stars. Coaches at amateur and professional levels help players improve their skills and work with teammates on the field so that their teams can win.

Few people enter the coaching field at the professional level. Instead, many start out in high schools as assistant coaches. As individuals gain more experience, they may be promoted to head coach positions or move on to the college game. Becoming a coach at the professional level may require years of working though the nonprofessional ranks.

If you're interested in coaching at the collegiate or professional level, you might also consider pursuing a bachelor's or master's degree in sports coaching, sports science or sports leadership. Many degree programs also include internship opportunities, which can help you gain crucial hands-on experience.

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Sports Management

Are you someone with a lot of business acumen who's interested in the sports world? Then sports management may be right for you. Football teams, like all organizations, employ people who can maintain the financial viability of the operation.

Sports management professionals may work in many different capacities. At the local level, program directors oversee operations of school or community football clubs. They may also hold finance positions with college or professional teams.

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Sports Medicine

Individuals interested in the health sciences may combine dual interests in football and the body by pursuing a career in sports medicine. People who practice sports medicine help individuals condition and develop their bodies to lessen the potential for injury. Others may help injured athletes during the rehabilitation process.

Sports medicine opportunities in football are quite diverse. Some professionals work as athletic trainers, nutritionists or massage therapists for athletic teams. Those with more training can become medical doctors offering highly specialized levels of care, such as orthopedic surgery or cardiac/pulmonary rehabilitation therapy.

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