Careers in the Beauty Industry for Bachelor's Degree Holders

Apr 26, 2020

While most beauty industry careers typically involve some sort of vocational training, there are some careers in the industry that require an undergraduate degree. These careers are often in the business-end of the industry and include positions such as account executive, regional sales manager, marketer, and product manager. Other career fields not normally associated with the beauty industry include graphic design.

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Bachelor's Degree Careers in Beauty

Career options in the beauty industry for bachelor's degree holders often involve the business, marketing, or sales aspect of beauty products. Salaries for these positions vary depending on the career. When most people think of careers in the beauty industry, they tend to think of jobs that involve direct contact with beauty shop clients and minimal college-level training. However, a few careers in the beauty industry require a formal education at the bachelor's degree level, often in business administration, graphic design, marketing, or PR. These careers generally involve working with salon owners, beauty product manufacturers, or product distributors. Most of these careers require not only a degree, but knowledge in the many different business aspects of the beauty industry. Continue learning about jobs as account executives, graphic artists and designers, marketing managers, product managers, and regional sales managers in the beauty industry.

Account Executive

Account executives in the beauty industry often work with beauty shop operators and product manufacturers. They keep in touch with clients on a daily basis, create press materials, develop media relationships, and manage the workflow within the account team. Account executives are typically required to have at least one to two years of experience in an agency environment. A bachelor's degree in public relations or a related field is usually required.

Graphic Artist/Designer

Graphic artists and designers who specialize in this industry may design the following for beauty products or beauty shops and salons: advertisements, newsletters and brochures, logos, publications, exhibits, displays, in-store graphics, and product packaging and labels. A bachelor's degree in graphic design, fine arts, or a related discipline is typically required.

Marketing or Product Manager

Marketing managers develop marketing plans and presentation materials, collaborate with PR personnel to create press materials, and work with outside vendors and agencies. Marketing managers may also conduct market research and identify potential growth areas. This position usually requires a bachelor's degree in marketing or business administration.

Product managers, also known as brand managers, contribute to the development and marketing of a company's entire line of beauty or hair products or work with salon chains. They plan and organize product launches, identify potential growth areas, conduct research, and collaborate with marketing and sales personnel. Product managers typically major in fields such as marketing or business management.

Regional Sales Manager

Regional sales managers work to maximize sales and increase profitability. Their job duties may include achieving sales targets, executing marketing and promotions plans, developing partnerships with regional beauty industry professionals, and managing a sales staff. Regional sales managers typically major in business management with a concentration in marketing.

Salary Information

According to, the median salaries in March 2020 for these jobs were as follows. These figures reflect the salaries earned by these professionals in all industries combined, rather than in the beauty industry specifically.

  • Graphic Artist or Designer: $47,136
  • Account Executive: $53,371
  • Marketing Manager: $64,960
  • Regional Sales Manager: $81,245
  • Product Manager: $83,586

Working in the beauty industry with a bachelor's degree can mean a career in fields such as graphic design, regional sales, or marketing. Aspiring professionals in these positions will usually major in graphic design, business management, or marketing, and career salaries will vary by field.

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