Communications Technology Bachelors Degree Program Information

Oct 19, 2019

Graduates of communications technology bachelor's programs acquire technical knowledge and skills that can be put to use in various organizations. They also have the option to continue their education after the fact.

Essential Information

Many colleges and universities cite the growth of the technological industry for the high demand of communication technology experts. There are several universities that offer a bachelor's degree program in communication technology with only a high school education as a prerequisite. Such programs prepare students for applying, managing, and evaluating the media technology services made for the general public.

Communication technologies include chat, conference and discussion software applications. Those who earn a communication technology bachelor's degree become equipped with knowledge in communication systems, wireless technology, personal devices, e-commerce, and other rapidly developing new technologies.

Communications Technology Bachelor's Degree Overview

Some universities require their students to have completed certain courses such as speech communication, behavioral science, statistics, and global issues in addition to standard prerequisites in order to be admitted into a Bachelor of Science in Communication Technology degree program. Coursework in a communication technology bachelor's degree program focuses on enhancing communication with current technologies such as webpages, online publishing, multimedia development, and graphic editing.

The types of courses that students may take in this program include:

  • Interpersonal communication, mass communication, communication theories
  • Team communication
  • Organizational communication
  • Intercultural communication
  • Image editing and web design
  • Electronic publishing

Popular Career Options

Those who obtain a bachelor's degree in communication technology may find positions in public schools, residential construction companies, military bases, electronics laboratories, manufacturing facilities, and consumer product development companies. The types of position titles they may acquire include technology or computer teacher, supervisor of construction, engineering technician, electronics technician, supervisor of production, and manufacturer representative.

Employment Outlook and Salary Info

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), job openings for career and technical education teachers, such as computer teachers, are expected to decrease by 1% from 2018-2028 ( The expected job growth for mechanical engineering technicians is 3% between 2018 and 2028, per the BLS. In May 2018, the BLS reported that career and technical education teachers at the high school level earned a mean annual salary of $62,810, while those at the middle school level earned a mean annual salary of $62,570. Mechanical engineering technicians earned a mean annual salary of $58,240 in May 2018, per the BLS, and electrical and electronics engineering technicians made a mean annual salary of $65,050.

Continuing Education

Students who complete a bachelor's degree in communication technology may also advance their education by pursuing a Master of Arts in Communication with a Digital Communication concentration. The course topics offered in the digital communication concentration may include Web and social media, Web design, public relations, digital media, and digital strategies. A master's degree may help current communication technology professionals obtain a higher level of responsibility in the workplace, such as gaining managerial or supervisory positions.

Communications technology education is most often found at the bachelor's level, opening up several job opportunities for graduates within the field. Many students choose to pursue master's education after graduation in order to improve their options and increase mobility within their careers.

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