Courses for Aspiring Certified Internet Webmasters (CIW)

Feb 27, 2019

Training for certified Internet webmaster's (CIW) can be found through stand-alone courses or certificate programs that prepare individuals for CIW certification.

Essential Information

A CIW is an information technology professional who works with databases, Internet protocols, Internet connections, e-mail configurations, security and Web search engines.

Depending on the school or organization providing the training, certification requirements may vary. For example, some certifications require the passing of an exam, while others require a final project.

CIW students will study concepts in:

  • Internet technology
  • Web authoring
  • Network infrastructure
  • Popular database platforms
  • Basic database design principles
  • Firewalls and network security

List of Common Courses

Web Business Course

A Web business course prepares students to work with online business environments. Students gain knowledge in Web browsers, e-mail client configuration, Internet connection techniques, protocols, file management, cookies and plug-ins. The course also covers Internet search engines, security functions, news groups and instant messaging.

Web Development Course

Aspiring CIWs in this course learn the technology and programs needed to create Web pages. Students learn about HTML, XHTML, tables, forms, frames, hyperlinks and images. The course also covers Web page creation skills so students can write code using a graphical user interface tool, as well as connect databases to common gateway interfaces.

Network Technology Course

Individuals enrolled in a network technology course learn about networking functions, such as network topologies, wireless networks, troubleshooting, operating system maintenance, the OSI model and routing protocols. Students examine the various functions and techniques used in computer network operations in order to set up network transmissions, security and firewalls.

JavaBeans Course

This introductory course prepares students to learn about the JavaBeans software language application. Students learn specifically about the framework, server-side software components, enterprise deployment, security and transactions of this program.

JavaScript Course

Students in this class study the procedures and methods behind this Web programming language. The course covers topics such as variables and data, functions, cookies, language objects, security, program flow control, debugging and JavaScript object models. Some programs may combine material from this and JavaBeans into a single course.

Design Methods and Technology Course

A CIW design methods and technology course provides students with a foundation in Web page layout and design concepts. Students learn about navigation functions, Web graphics, multimedia, usability testing, HTML, metadata and site implementation factors. The course also covers basic and advanced features of Front Page 2000, Macromedia Dreamweaver 3.0. and Flash 4.0. Individuals taking the course gain knowledge in website construction, website publishing and Java applets.

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