Dig Into Geology: 10 Top Geology Blogs

May 20, 2019

It's a rocky road out there - get some hard science guidance from the geology blogosphere. Learn about dinosaurs, volcanoes, Martian rocks, the environment and all the latest news and discoveries in the world of geology with these 10 essential geo-blogs.


1. AGU Geoscience

This blog from the American Geophysical Union (AGU) provides accessible, in-depth analysis of major geological events, from the effects of oil spills on beaches to how geysers on Earth can teach us about volcanoes on the moon.

2. Earth How: Geology

Learn about basic facts and explanations of how geology and the earth work with Earth How. They cover other areas of science as well, but there is a geology specific tab. They specialize in aesthetic diagrams, concept art and infographics for easy understanding.

3. Earthly Musings

Geologist and trail guide Wayne Ranney provides info and plenty of photos of many of his trips and explorations, such as rafting in the Grand Canyon. He also supplies links to YouTube video lectures, links to other geology blogs and a list of interesting geology books.

4. Geotripper

This California-based geology instructor travels all over the world exploring, photographing and blogging about his geological exploits. He also offers his insights on new geological discoveries and earth-related issues.

5. Rapid Uplift

Suvrat Kher is a sedimentary geologist who blogs about geoscience, the environment and biological evolution. Topics cover the gamut of his subjects, from the historical uses of geography and mapping to hot new science talks.


6. Dinochick Blogs

This paleontologist serves up a little sass along with the latest news in geology and paleontology. Don't miss her humorous perspective on everything from new dinosaur discoveries to drunken skeleton climbing incidents at museums.

7. Eruptions

Need something a little more explosive in your life? This Big Think blog is all volcanoes, all the time. It's written by Erik Klemetti, a geosciences professor and research volcanologist.

8. Magma Cum Laude

This graduate student is also a volcanologist, but her blog covers a wide range of topics in geology and geologic science, from liveblogging geo conferences to sharing some of her favorite earth science photos.

9. Martian Chronicles

'Geo' may come from the Greek word for 'earth,' but this geologist is taking his research into space. Ryan Anderson's pre-doctoral background is actually in physics and astronomy, but now he's a Ph.D. student who blasts rocks with lasers and seeks safe landing sites for extraterrestrial explorers such as the Mars Science Laboratory rover.

10. Terra Science

This blog takes geology back to earth, focusing on soil science, wetlands and environmental issues.

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