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Apr 20, 2021

Essential Information

Online associate degree programs in E-business are typically available through for-profit universities. These programs can be completed in two years, and may require an internship to be completed in person. Associate degree programs in business are more common through on-campus formats.

Online bachelor's degree programs in E-business may may require previous work experience or education, such as an associate degree in a relevant field, in order to enroll. While these programs may be available as online options, business programs, such as a Bachelor of Business Administration or major in business or information technology, are more commonly offered as on-campus degree options.

Associate's Degree in E-Business

Online associate's degree programs in e-business provide an education that combines aspects of business and technology. In some cases, students might find courses in e-business contained in the curriculum of information technology or business administration programs. Online 2-year degree programs in e-business typically result in an Associate of Applied Science or Associate in Business degree.

Program Information and Requirements

Distance learning associate's degree programs in e-business are generally delivered entirely online. An online associate's degree program in e-business can be completed in two years, though some programs might be completed in as little as 16 months.

A high-speed Internet connection and a current version of a Web browser such as Internet Explorer or Firefox are the basic technical requirements for online e-business degree programs.

Common Courses

Online 2-year degree programs in e-business provide students with an education in accounting, marketing and advertising as related to Internet technology. General education requirements in communications, mathematics, economics and composition might be included in the curriculum. Some programs might include an internship.

Fundamentals of E-Business

Fundamental or introductory courses define what e-business is and how it impacts a variety of industries, from healthcare to education. Risks, limitations and strategies of e-business are other topics of discussion in this class.

Internet Marketing

How to price, sell, distribute and advertise products on the Internet are explored in e-business marketing courses. Online promotional materials and methods are likely to be discussed.

Web Development

Introductory and advanced Web development courses teach students how to create Web pages for e-business. Graphics, site content and design are common topics covered in these types of courses.

Bachelor's Degree in E-Business

An online bachelor's degree program in e-business helps students develop the business, technical and management skills needed to thrive in this challenging field. Some schools might require applicants to have work experience, possess an associate's degree or have completed more than 60 college credits to be eligible for enrollment. Students might also enroll in a distance learning bachelor's degree program in Internet technologies or information systems management that will qualify them to pursue careers in e-business.

Program Requirements and Information

Students who complete an online degree program in e-business are often awarded a Bachelor of Business Administration or Bachelor of Science in E-business degree. Technical requirements for online bachelor's degree programs will generally be the same as those for online associate's degree programs relating to e-business.

Common Courses

The curriculum of an online bachelor's degree program in e-business contains fundamental and advanced courses in e-business management, e-commerce, Internet marketing and multimedia. Program coursework might also include marketing, business law, business finance, ethics and communications.

E-Business Management

Basic and advanced courses in e-business management address current trends, decision-making and organization in relation to electronic business practices. Students will learn how to manage e-businesses in a variety of organizations.

Business Information Systems Management

Students of information systems management courses learn how to design, utilize and manage systems for many types of businesses. The ways in which these systems impact these organizations might also be studied.

Organizational Behavior

Students learn how to work effectively with individuals and groups within a business setting. Communications, change management and task management are among the topics likely to be discussed in these courses.

Career Information

An online 2-year degree in e-business will in many cases qualify graduates for entry-level positions in this field. Graduates can fill positions such as Web designers or webmasters for a variety of industries. The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) reports that these jobs as web developers are expected to grow by 8% between 2019 and 2029 (

Completion of a 4-year degree program in e-business can prepare graduates for careers as e-business system managers, product managers or project managers. Candidates can work for many types of businesses, such as retail, government, non-profit or healthcare. In 2021, reported that the salaries of e-commerce manager jobs ranged from $40,000 to $97,000 per year.

Continuing Education Information

Students who have completed an online associate's degree in e-business can go on to pursue a 4-year degree in the field. Some employers might require one to hold a bachelor's degree to assume e-business management positions.

Online undergraduate degrees in the field of e-business are usually offered as Associate of Applied Science or Associate in Business degree in e-business. These programs often require completion of an internship.

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