Finding Work Abroad: What You Need to Know

Finding employment overseas might be right for an individual looking to make a serious career move. However, the transition, while potentially incredibly rewarding, can be simultaneously terrifying.'s Education Insider provides some tips to keep in mind to make securing an international job a little easier.

By Eric Garneau

Different Countries Mean Different Customs

Every nation does things differently, even in the world of job searches. If you're serious about finding work overseas, you'll want to take a second look at your resume. Many nations' employers sort applicants based on longer, more thorough CVs (curriculum vitae), which expand on the traditional resume format with in-depth information about one's complete education and work experience. Additionally, job-seekers will want to make sure they've removed all culturally specific language and phrases from their documents; for obvious reasons, those don't translate too well with foreign employers.

Start Back Home

One potentially easier way to secure international work is to find an employer in your native country with an international presence. You might be able to work your way into getting transferred overseas within that company. The hospitality industry's especially friendly to this concept, although many multinational corporations in sectors as diverse as agriculture and finance might be able to set you up with work in a foreign land.

Paths Students Take

College students have been masterminding ways to take themselves overseas for decades; perhaps you could consider following their approach. The most prevalent international job for Americans is teaching English overseas, a popular course of action for recent college graduates. Outside of that, you could consider trying to secure an internship with an international company, or even volunteering your services in another land through an organization like the Peace Corps. Those last two options may require a fair bit of financial stability on your part, but they could help you get your foot in the door and make connections in a strange locale.

Dive Right In

For the especially adventurous (and again, potentially the somewhat financially stable), the most satisfying way to find a job overseas might be just to go. Some people enjoy working without a safety net. If that's you, you can follow in the footsteps of international travelers who take up work at bars, cafes or similar establishments on a whim - those are the most popular and available jobs to globetrotters who haven't obtained a worker's visa.

Sites That Can Help You Find Employment

If you've got your mind made up to secure a job overseas, there are some Internet resources at your disposal to provide assistance! Popular job website hosts an international job board with listings in 53 different countries. Similarly, the travel site has a massive job listings page with myriad geographical and career options for work-seekers. Even if you're not ready to commit to an international career yet, these websites may help you get a feel for the kinds of openings out there, as well as potential qualifications you may need to secure the job you want.

Let's take a closer look at the ways that students can travel the world.

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