History 101: 10 Free Video Lectures

Jan 02, 2019

free history courses

Seminar in Historical Methods

How is history reported? How have sources, language choices and narrative styles of accounts from the past influenced what we know about our heritage? This class examines how historical reporting has portrayed events, attitudes and cultures of previous eras.

Theories and Methods in the Study of History

Here is another class that provides insight into how historical texts are created. Coursework includes analysis of classical history resources, such as how authors have chosen to render events from the past. Find answers to questions about how we know what we know.

American History to 1865

Examining the political, economic and social development of American society through the Civil War, this course is a good primer for those who may have forgotten U.S. history lessons from secondary school. The course includes study of important texts by Lincoln, Paine, Winthrop and other major historical figures.

American Urban History

Check out this class for information on how American cities have grown over the last 150 years. The course features insight on the development of schools, emergency services departments, utilities and other municipal services. Also discover how cities have in turn affected the maturation of the United States.

History of Science

Science affects how we all live, from the manner in which we manage our health to the products we use everyday. Learning how important scientific developments have come about can be riveting. This class familiarizes students with different discoveries in the physical sciences, medicine and natural history.

free history courses

The History of Computing

Interested in how computers have become ubiquitous in our lives? Check out this course. You can learn about early developments in computing and gain exposure to perspectives from sociologists, anthropologists and historians on how these machines have come to be of such importance in our world.

Economic History

There is perhaps no greater influence on how any society develops than its economic systems. For this reason, study of economic history can reveal important insight into the way we live. This course illuminates how world economies have developed through industrialization.

Introduction to Environmental History

What is the environmental impact of technology? How have we come to this point of current environmental crisis? This course seeks to provide answers to these and other questions by focusing on Europeans after Columbus. Find out how global expansion has affected the world's climate, wildlife and topography.

History of Media and Technology

As we all know, technology and media change very rapidly. It's difficult to provide a history of something that is evolving so quickly, but that is exactly what this class sets out to do. Theoretical and philosophical works feature analysis of the shift from analog to digital cultures.

Making Sense of Art History

Ever wonder how art influences your understanding of the world? If so, check out this course for insight. Exploring art from the 1980s onward, the class examines the intended messages of artists who have created well-known works.

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