How High School Seniors Can Avoid Senioritis

As the end of the high school year approaches, more and more seniors fall victim to the scourge of senioritis. This is often the result of real and understandable emotions - excitement to move on and enter adulthood, anxiety about college and weariness of restrictive school schedules. Below are some tips that can help you focus and get through senior year in one piece.


Senioritis and its Discontents

During senior year, many students may find themselves losing interest in their classes and looking to jobs, friends and extracurricular activities as a way to escape schoolwork. Don't let senioritis ruin your last year in high school. Now, more than ever, is the time to focus on your goals and remain motivated.

Challenge Yourself

You may be tempted to 'take it easy' and load up on electives during your last year of high school. Your senior year is, in fact, the time to buckle down and truly challenge yourself. This is your chance to do as much as you can to get ready for college. Consider signing up for another math class, taking additional English and literature classes or enrolling in an AP course.

Taking tough classes will not only prepare you for the rigors of college, it will make university admissions officers take notice. Find ways to get the most out of your last high school classes and learn as much as possible from your teachers.

Stay Focused

It's easy to let your guard down once you've been accepted to a school or already solidified your post-secondary career plans. Maybe you have an after-school job or participate in extracurricular activities that take up your time. It's tempting to put these activities first and let your grades slide.

However, it's wise to keep your grades up - there are still scholarship applications to finish and the FAFSA application to submit. Even if you've been accepted to your dream school, you'll still have to submit your high school transcript after graduation. Failing a class or having disciplinary issues during the final stretch of senior year might be enough for a school to rescind their acceptance offer or prevent you from graduating at all. Keeping that in mind can help make the home stretch seem like much less of a waste of time.

Have Fun

Working hard your senior year doesn't mean you can't have fun, as long as you maintain a balance between fun and schoolwork. Part of staying motivated is making sure you take breaks and recharge. Spend time with your friends and participate in activities that you enjoy. Senior year is a time to make memories, whether it's attending your last homecoming football game, going to prom, getting senior pictures, or signing yearbooks. Savor every moment of your senior year because it only happens once.

Reading interesting books is one strategy that can keep you interested in your high school curriculum.

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