How Your Student ID Can Save You Money

College students are known for frequently being on tight budgets. By making use of their student IDs, they could be able to take advantage of discounts on technology, entertainment, local retailers and even travel.

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By Jessica Lyons


'Student discount' is a phrase that anyone attending a college or university likes to hear. If you want to save money, be sure to keep your student ID handy and check out places near your campus that might give you a discount if you show it. You can also use your student ID to get the International Student Identification Card (ISIC) or Student Advantage Discount Card (SADC). Although you might have to pay a fee for these, if you use them enough it could be more than worth it. Here are some areas where you might be able to find some savings.


If you need to buy a new computer or software, your student ID might make it a more affordable option. The Apple Store offers discounts on computers and software, and Microsoft offers student discounts on software and Microsoft certification exams, as well as a ten percent discount on PCs.


Some movie theaters will give discounts on tickets to students with a valid ID. Both Nugget Theaters in New Hampshire and St. Johns Cinema in Oregon have student discount policies. Sundance Cinemas in Madison, Wisconsin has a special promotion where students can buy 'two for one' tickets on Tuesdays. Going to live theater can also be made more affordable by showing your ID.

Sporting Events

A student ID could also get you cheaper, or even free, seats to a sporting event. St. John's University students get free admission to men's soccer and baseball games and there is a student section for on-campus men's basketball games that only costs $5 a ticket. You might also be able to see professional sports matches at a discount. The LA Dodgers launched a program where those with a valid student ID could get tickets to a game for $10, representing a 70% discount.


Just going home for a holiday can be costly depending on how far you have to travel. With the SADC, you might be able to receive 20% off a Greyhound ticket. There are also travel agencies out there that are specifically geared towards finding inexpensive flights and hotel rooms for students.

Dining Out

If you're getting bored with on-campus dining options but are worried about paying to go somewhere off-campus, be sure to investigate some student discount options. Those with an ISIC get a ten percent discount off their food order at Uno Chicago's Grill. The University of Chicago's Student Government provides a list of restaurants who have agreed to give discounts to their students. If your school doesn't have a list, just walk around the neighborhood to see if any restaurants advertise such discounts or go in and ask if they offer any.

When in Doubt, Ask

The important thing to remember is to ask if you don't know a business's student discount policy. Never just assume showing your student ID card won't get you anything. You won't know for sure until you ask if you can get a discount.

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