How to Become a Party Promoter

Mar 10, 2020

Find out how to become a party promoter. Research the education requirements, and learn about the experience you need to advance your career in party promotion.

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Should I Become a Party Promoter?

Party promoters persuade people to attend a party or nightclub. They must be excellent salespeople and excel at networking and marketing. Most party promoters and promotions managers maintain full-time schedules. In fact, many higher-level promotions professionals work over the standard 40-hour work week.

There are no formal education requirements for this position, but an aspiring promoter may find a bachelor's degree useful in getting hired to promote parties or manage other types of event promotions. Students will earn their degree in business or marketing.

The median annual salary for advertising and promotions managers was $117,130 according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics in May 2018.

Career Requirements

Degree Level High school diploma or equivalent; bachelor's degree for some positions
Degree Field Business or marketing
Experience 1-2 years of experience required
Key Skills Sales, time management, relationship-building, and communication skills; team-oriented personality and self-motivation; willingness to work long hours; familiar with social media, Photoshop, and video editing helpful
Salary $117,130 (2018 median salary for all advertising and promotions managers)

Sources: job postings (October 2012), U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics

To become a party promoter, you'll need at least a high school diploma, but a bachelor's degree in business or marketing is required by some employers. You'll also need 1-2 years of experience along with sales skills, the ability to build relationships, self-motivation, communication skills, a team-oriented personality, time management abilities, and a willingness to work long hours. You may need to be skilled with social media, Photoshop, and video editing.

Steps to Become a Party Promoter

You'll need to follow these steps to become a party promoter.

Step 1: Earn a Bachelor's Degree

Although it's not strictly necessary, a college degree is beneficial for those interested in entering the profession of party and event promotion. During a marketing or business bachelor's degree program, aspiring party promoters learn the skills needed to effectively advertise and promote parties to specific demographics. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, employers prefer to hire promotions managers with a bachelor's degree, especially with a focus on marketing.

Step 2: Gain Experience

Future party promoters gain experience by participating in an internship or taking an assistant's position. By working with an established promoter, aspiring party promoters better understand the market and the nature of the job. Gaining experience also helps party promoters select a specialty within event promotions. Nightclubs, concerts, or private parties are some of the areas in which promoters choose to work.

Success Tips

Learn to network. Promoters must network with photographers, deejays, club owners, and caterers to help launch their professional careers and perform the job. Party promoters are only as good as the number of people they get to attend the parties they promote, so it is important for promoters to keep their party-goers happy and eager to attend other parties. Working directly with customers during an internship helps aspiring promotions managers develop contacts.

Get in the social media game. Social networking platforms have become an important method for party promoters to inform a large number of people simultaneously about an upcoming event. Facebook, Twitter, and MySpace are among the social networking services now being used to promote parties and events. Having a strong grasp of social media tools benefits party promoters and gives them an edge on the competition.

Attend the party and put it in a portfolio. It is beneficial for party promoters to be present at the parties they promote. In addition to attending the party, promoters also hire photographers to record the event. These photos are put in a portfolio that will serve to showcase the promoter's work and secure more jobs.

Step 3: Secure Jobs for Career Advancement

Party promoters can advance their careers by expanding their reach through social media. After interacting with people and clients, it is easier for them to secure work based on the skills they acquired. Internships and entry-level positions are helpful in building towards more higher-level promotions work.

To become a party promoter, you'll need a bachelor's degree and experience in the field.

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