How to Find Jobs and Internship for College Students Through Craigslist

Employers use Craigslist all the time to post job openings, since the site reaches more than 550 cities. It is widely considered to be one of the most effective job boards on the web. Read on to find out how you can find jobs and internships through Craigslist.


Search Craigslist for a Job or Internship

Craigslist's job postings are categorized under common career fields, so looking for a job on this site is a simple process. Follow the steps below to get started on the path to a new job.

Step One: Go to

Step Two: Choose your city or state. Craigslist ads are arranged into categories for each major U.S. city and state. Job boards are also available for other countries.

Step Three: Click to find jobs. You can click on 'Jobs', which will show you every posting in your area or you can click on specific categories, such as 'Accounting and Finance' or 'Technical Support.'

Step Four: Look for job ads that interest you. A search option is available at the top of the job listings page, so that you can narrow your search using specific keywords or locations. Narrowing your search by a specific area of the city you've selected will turn up all the results for that area plus a list of nearby locations. You can also narrow your search by clicking one of the pre-set search options, such as 'telecommute' or 'part-time'.

Step Five: Respond to the ads that interest you. Be sure to follow all of the employer's instructions to the letter. For example, if the employer says that you should send your resume as an attachment, be sure to send your resume as an attachment.

Optional Step: If you can't find any jobs or internships that interest you, try looking at the 'Gigs' section, which you can access from the main city page. This section is a good place to find temporary jobs and projects. This section also has separate categories that you can choose from and search options that let you narrow down your selections.

Post Your Resume

Craigslist also lets you post your resume and jobs wanted ads. You can post your resume to Craigslist by following these six steps.

Step One: Go to

Step Two: Choose your city or state. Craigslist ads are arranged into categories for each major U.S. city and state.

Step Three: Click on 'Resumes'.

Step Four: Click on 'Post' in the top right corner.

Step Five: Click on the 'resume/jobs wanted' category.

Step Five: Fill in all of the required fields on the Craigslist form. Be sure to use relevant keywords in the title so that employers and search engines can find your resume.

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