Hypnosis Classes and Courses Overview

Hypnosis courses teach students to use the power of suggestion to help treat individuals. The following courses are offered at a range of levels, for the novice to the professional health care provider.

Essential Information

Hypnosis classes range from those offered as standalone community education courses, like using hypnosis on oneself to stop smoking, to courses that are part of graduate degree programs in counseling or psychology. Continuing medical education courses in hypnosis for psychiatrists and other health professionals are also available.

Here is an outline of common concepts taught in hypnosis courses:

  • History behind hypnotherapy
  • States of consciousness
  • Applications of hypnosis
  • Uses in psychotherapy
  • Patient treatment
  • Techniques in hypnotherapy
  • Health benefits of hypnosis
  • Patient susceptibility

List of Common Hypnosis Courses

Basic Hypnosis Course

This course introduces individuals to the history, definition, myths and uses of hypnosis. Students learn about the steps and levels used to achieve the altered states of consciousness required for effective hypnosis. Individuals learn about the principles of induction and of re-alerting individuals.

Uses of Hypnotherapy Course

This course covers the ways in which hypnosis and hypnotherapy are utilized today by dentists, doctors and other health care professionals. Students explore ways of using hypnosis to control unwanted habits and modify behavior, such as addiction to alcohol or tobacco. Other topics discussed include past-life regression and dream imagery.

Counseling and Hypnosis

In this course, people are taught the uses of hypnosis in counseling and psychotherapy. Students learn several types of trance induction techniques to address psychological and physical problems. Individuals learn to use hypnosis to recover memories and treat amnesias. Ethical issues in hypnotherapy are also discussed.

Clinical Hypnosis Course

The psychological research, clinical application and literature of hypnosis are examined in this course. Individuals review hypnosis treatment on various medical and psychological problems. Students learn the theories and techniques needed to become practitioners of hypnosis.

Hypnosis for Your Health

Students explore ways of using hypnosis to be healthy. This course introduces the health benefits of hypnosis, which include weight loss, better sleep and faster recovery from surgery. Individuals learn how to use hypnosis to build confidence and make the right decisions.

Using Hypnosis to Treat Patients

This course teaches students how to effectively use hypnosis in dental settings to calm anxious patients. It explores the history of hypnosis and how it is used to calm apprehensive individuals. Students learn scripts that improve patient compliance and reduce the pain of injections.

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