Integrative Yoga Therapy Job Options, Duties and Requirements

Sep 30, 2019

Integrative yoga therapists ensure client flexibility and fitness through various yoga techniques. General training programs for yoga therapists are available, as well as basic and professional certification. Yoga instructors have a variety of work options.

Essential Information

Integrative yoga therapists plan workout regiments, teach integrative yoga to clients, and keep their clients healthy and safe. They must possess a 200-hour basic certification in order to teach in a group setting. A professional certification is recommended for integrative yoga therapists to open their own private practice.

Career Integrative Yoga Therapist
Required Education Fitness trainers and instructors typically do not require any education, but most have a high school diploma
Other Requirements 200-hour basic certification; 500-hour professional certification is recommended for those looking to open their own business
Projected Job Growth (2018-2028)* 13% for fitness trainers and aerobics instructors
Mean Annual Salary (2018)* $39,820 for fitness trainers and aerobics instructors

Source: *U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics

Integrative Yoga Therapy Job Options

Integrative yoga is a school of yoga that tries to bring yoga into the mainstream by adapting the ancient practice to fit into modern society. In 2005, the North American Studio Alliance (NAMASTA) estimated over 70,000 practicing yoga instructors in North America ( The many settings in which yoga is practiced give instructors plenty of options to choose from when deciding where to work.

Apart from working at a yoga studio or opening their own private practice, instructors are hired at most gyms to teach classes. Many schools hire instructors to teach during PE or in after school programs, and hospitals hire yoga instructors to help with physical therapy. Many large businesses have begun hiring instructors to teach yoga to keep employees active and healthy.

Integrative Yoga Therapist Duties

The number one job of a yoga therapist is to keep their clients healthy, flexible and safe. They must ensure that all the poses are executed correctly and without injury, which requires close attention to the abilities of their clients and concise instruction. Every student needs a yoga mat, and sometimes the instructor many need to provide mats that have been sanitized for their clients' use. Integrative yoga stresses a personalized practice tailored to the individual's needs, so therapists must recognize the abilities of clients.

Requirements for Integrative Yoga Therapists

Thousands of schools offer yoga therapist training programs, but specific integrative yoga therapist training has only a few options around the country. A 200-hour basic certification program allows a graduate to teach yoga in many group settings as a therapist. A professional certification takes 500 hours, but this allows therapists to open a private practice.

During these hours of classes a trainee will learn about individualized teaching, experiential approaches to education, taking yoga outside the classrooms, and health and wellness, the psychology and philosophy of yoga and workouts that revolve around students. Some yoga instructors choose to focus on one specific goal of a yoga class such as yoga for back pain, depression, or seniors. Many schools offer programs that are tailored to certain needs and give the graduate a certification with a focus. With a specified certification, an instructor has the ability to serve an exclusive clientele with a very clear goal in mind.

Salary and Career Outlook

Integrative yoga instructors fall into the category of fitness trainers and aerobics instructors. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) in 2018, the average annual salary for workers in this category was $39,820. The BLS also projected that fitness trainers and aerobics instructors would see a 13% increase in job growth from 2018 to 2028, which is an average pace.

As yoga becomes a more prominent mode of therapy in our culture, an increasing number of schools are offering training programs for those wish to practice or teach it. The type of certification varies on hours of experience, and specialization, if desired. A number of places hire yoga instructors.

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