College Student Gets Paid $1000 for Using Free Course to Earn College Credit

Anna's CLEP Exam Experiment

Anna Griffin

Anna Griffin had no real background in psychology, had never taken a college-level course in the subject and didn't need a psychology credit for her current college major, but she was very interested in the subject. She figured that she could earn credit in this area and maybe use it later in place of a class she didn't want to take. She also stated, 'It would be a good thing to have and it looks great on a transcript.'

When she came across the $1000 CLEP award advertisement and saw that she could possibly win money for using the videos, she decided to attempt this 'experiment'. She referred to it as an experiment because she had taken other CLEP exams previously using more conventional study methods. She wanted to compare the experiences of the past exams with this one to see if she found using our video lessons to study for the CLEP exam to be a better method.

Anna dove right into using the videos to prepare for the psychology CLEP exam. She said she worked over a 2-week period, watching about three videos a day. She would sometimes re-watch videos in order to ensure she understood the concepts. Anna stated that she learns best when she goes over information again and again in order to cement it in her mind. She said that one of the reasons using the videos was such an experiment for her is that it's a departure from her usual learning style. She had always thought she needed a physical book in front of her. Anna even remarked that 'watching videos about the course was very much out of the box for me.'

An Awesome Experience

When asked what she thought of the videos, Anna said, 'I like the fact that I could do the course at home. That was the best. I thought it was highly entertaining.' She went on to say, 'I thought this was a very innovative way to teach a course. The format was great.' She also mentioned that she thinks the lessons are an innovative idea.

When asked if there was anything she would change about the video lessons, Anna explained there were some technical glitches, such as unexpected pauses or slow loading videos, that were a bit distracting. Overall, though, she said the website is user-friendly and easy to navigate.

So, how did this whole experiment work out for Anna? It went pretty well. She felt confident going into the test. She said that she learned more than enough from our videos to do well on the CLEP, and she stated that this was 'actually the best score I've gotten on a CLEP test.'

In the end, Anna felt this 'experiment' worked out well for her. She was happy that she was able to save hundreds of dollars and countless hours of her time through taking the CLEP instead of having to pay for and take a class. She's even considering using our lessons and taking CLEP exams in the future. She specifically noted that she is hoping we develop a statistics course that she can use. To sum it up, Anna said 'It was an awesome experience.'

Are you like Anna and looking for ways to reduce you educational costs? Could you find a way to spend $1000 on your education? See what our $1000 CLEP award could do for you!

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