College Student Uses Free Course to Test Out of General Education Requirement

Daniel Lovland, a sophomore in college, is currently working through his general education requirements and has been chosen as one of our $1000 CLEP award winners for the month of November. Looking for a way to lighten his course load, Daniel found out about the CLEP exams. He used's video lessons to help him pass the psychology CLEP exam.

An Introduction to Daniel Lovland

Daniel Lovland

The psychology CLEP exam was Daniel's first experience with CLEP. He had taken no psychology courses previously, but he needed psychology as a humanities credit in order to meet general education requirements for his major. He had heard about the CLEP exams and how they could help him to earn college credit without having to sit through a traditional class. In an effort to help lighten his course load, Daniel decided to try out the video lessons and the psychology CLEP exam.

Daniel's CLEP Exam Experience

Once Daniel learned more about the CLEP exam, he realized that studying for it would require a lot of self-discipline. He set up a fairly structured studying routine for himself. He studied over a period of time, but it was during the final three week period before taking the exam that he buckled down. Daniel would watch the videos intensely, spending about four hours each day with them. He had been reading textbooks and an exam study guide for about three or four months and continued to supplement what he learned in the videos with these reading materials. He made good use of the quizzes that accompanied each video, too. He said, specifically, that they helped him remember terms and vocabulary from the lessons.

When asked how he thought using the videos compared to a traditional classroom setting, Daniel said it required a lot of self-motivation, but that it really helped him a lot more. He said the animations in the videos really helped him to remember all the details of the lessons, like the psychologists' names. He compared these lessons to the online courses that he has through his college, and remarked that he wished his school would utilize videos like these because they make it a lot easier to learn.

He also compared the videos to the other materials he used when studying for the CLEP exam. Daniel said that it was much easier to remember the stuff he learned from the videos. He stated, 'I would much prefer videos anytime.'

Daniel went into the exam feeling confident about taking it. He said he didn't really come across anything in the exam that wasn't covered in the videos or other study materials he used. He also noted that he saw a lot of questions about experiments in the field of psychology and that the videos had covered those, so he was well prepared to get those answers correct.

Daniel's Opinion of

While Daniel had mostly positive opinions on the video lessons, he did wish for more help with vocabulary. He suggested a vocabulary list or longer quizzes containing more vocabulary-related questions. Daniel also mentioned that he wished there was a way to keep track of what lessons he had watched. He said he lost track of where he left off in the videos a couple of times when coming back to study the next day. He said perhaps the addition of a feature that lets students sign up for an account that would track the videos watched and other activity would be useful. Overall, though, Daniel said, ' is definitely the reason that I passed my CLEP exam.'

What Daniel's Doing Now

So, Daniel completed his psychology exam with good results, but is he going to take more CLEP exams? As of right now, he's working on studying for the biology CLEP exam. He wants to try to take it before his next semester starts. He is using video lessons to help him study again, along with some books he's gotten. Biology is another subject that he's not familiar with, but if history tells us anything, Daniel will likely pass the biology CLEP exam just as he did the psychology exam.

Daniel has also taken a look at our economics videos, since that is his major. While he doesn't plan on taking an economics CLEP exam, he did say that the videos are helpful as study tools.

Daniel has been named as one of's November $1000 CLEP award winners. Could you use some extra money to help you with your education expenses? You could be one of our next $1000 CLEP award winners! Just go to our site to learn more!

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