College Student Uses for Psychology CLEP Preparation

Daniel's Experience

Daniel Santos

Daniel had been trying to find a way to earn psychology credit after just changing his college major without having to wait and take another class. At first, he heard about AP options, but he didn't want to do that. Then, he found the CLEP and checked to be sure his school would accept it. Once he confirmed he could use it, he started looking for more information, which led to Daniel used videos to help him study and pass the CLEP exam.

His goal when looking for study resources was to find a visual way to learn the information he needed to know for the CLEP exam. When he came across and watched his first video, he automatically knew this was the right resource for him. He said he couldn't stop watching. He loved the videos and even admitted that he would stay up throughout the night just watching them. They made learning simple for him.

Daniel spent about two weeks preparing for the exam. He did his studying over the Thanksgiving holiday, so it equaled out to about five days of study. He did have a textbook that he used a little, but he said the majority of his time was spent with the videos because he found the textbook too dry and boring. He used all the different aspects of the site, including the videos, quizzes and chapter tests. In fact, Daniel had a unique way to use the quizzes. In some cases, he used them as intended - to check his understanding after watching the video. However, due to his time constraints, he started taking the exams before watching the videos. If he got all the questions correct, he would read through the transcript and skip watching the video in an effort to save time.

He also used the chapter exams on the site to help him study. He would take the exam and then go over the questions he missed and re-watch those parts of the video to solidify his understanding of the topics. He did say that he wished there were more exams available and that it would be great to have them at the end of every module.

Daniel's CLEP Experience and Advice to Others

When Daniel actually took the exam, he said he was feeling about 50/50 on whether he would pass or not. Daniel's confidence had actually been on a little roller coaster ride throughout the whole process. He had taken the CLEP practice exam before watching the videos, and he scored around 30. At that point, his confidence was quite low. After studying, he took the practice exam and scored around an 80, so his confidence level was high. However, once he started taking the exam, the questions were tricky and his confidence wavered. In the end, despite his wavering confidence, he did well on the CLEP and was very satisfied.

Daniel said taking the CLEP exam was a little stressful because of the way the test questions are designed. He explained that the way the questions are worded makes it difficult sometimes to choose between two possible answers. Due to this, really knowing the subject matter is essential. He said the videos prepared him well and that he didn't find anything on the CLEP exam that wasn't covered in the videos at one point or another.

He said that being focused on the fact that he had this opportunity to get some credits just by taking a test really kept him motivated. Additionally, he was looking forward to the fact that once he passed the CLEP, he could move on to taking classes that really interested him instead of having to focus on the prerequisite courses, like psychology. He suggests that others who are thinking about taking CLEP exams also stay focused on the end result because it keeps you motivated and pushes you to stay focused.

Daniel's Opinions on

When asked his opinions on how using the videos compared to taking a class in a classroom, he said using the videos was a better option for him. He liked how the videos seemed more personal than a classroom lecture. It felt like the instructor was talking just to him and teaching him on a one-to-one basis. He also liked how the information presented was focused and useful and not just fluff. The videos provided him with the terminology he needed to know and were taught in a straightforward manner, which is exactly what he likes. One of the other things he especially liked about the videos was how the instructors connected the concepts to real life situations. He said this helped him to remember and learn better. In the end, he said he learned much more from the videos because it suited his style of learning better than a classroom environment.

Not only did Daniel pass his CLEP exam and earn real college credit, he also won $1000 as our November CLEP Award recipient. Are you interested in earning college credit through the CLEP exam? Do you also want a chance to be a $1000 winner? Learn more about our award here!

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