Student Passes Calculus CLEP Exam After Using's Online Videos to Study for Just Five Days

Shahinaz Bloise was a typical college freshman who ended up in a tight spot when she needed a calculus class but couldn't get it scheduled in time. Not wanting to fall behind her peers, Shahinaz was directed towards and the option of taking the CLEP exam for college credit. Taking this step meant she was able to secure that college credit she desperately needed and now she's one of our $1000 CLEP Award winners for the month of December!

A College Freshman Takes Her Own Path to Calculus Credit

Shahinaz Bloise

Shahinaz Bloise was entering her freshman year of college as a computer engineering major. Her major required some basic math classes, which included calculus. Unfortunately, in high school, Shahinaz's scores weren't high enough for her to obtain college credit, so she was stuck trying to fit calculus in her schedule. Running late, she happened to miss the chance to schedule an on-campus course and had to settle for the only other option offered by her school, which was an online course.

Shahinaz gave the online course a try, but she soon realized it wasn't going to work for her. After failing the first exam of the course, she dropped the class. Now she was stuck in a situation that threatened to put her behind her peers and have her rushing to get this calculus credit. She said she didn't want to be that student who was stuck in calculus 1 when everyone else was in calculus 2 next year.

Shahinaz's Next Steps

Shahinaz was not sure what to do, but her English teacher actually came to her aid. One day in class, her teacher told the students about and the CLEP exams. Hearing about this option really opened Shahinaz's eyes and she figured she had nothing to lose.

After just five days of watching videos and taking CLEP practice tests, she was ready for the calculus CLEP exam. She said that pretty much everything on the test was covered in the videos, so she felt good about the test. Shahinaz reached her goal and passed the test to earn that much needed calculus credit.

After a successful CLEP exam, Shahinaz was able to secure the college credit she needed. Now she's enjoying the $1000 CLEP Award she won from Could you be the next winner?

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