Iridology Studies: Adult Education Overview

In iridology the eye is used as a map to diagnosing the health of a patient's mind and body. You can study to become an iridologist at a natural or alternative medicine or holistic healing center. Read about common certificate program requirements, career information and professional organizations.

Here we discuss some of the available programs for students interested in studying iridology. Students can also get information about careers and professional organizations in the field.

Program Information

Iridology is the study of the iris of the eye, which is seen as a map to diagnosing all of the body's problem areas. Each organ in the body is supposed to correspond to a particular area of the iris, and anything that could affect the organ can be seen by observation of the iris. The iris is also supposed to show clues and insight as to a patient's mental state. Adult education in this field most commonly exists at the certificate level and is available at schools of natural health. These programs are often completed through distance learning and require just a high school diploma or its equivalent to enroll. Students may complete a certificate program in as little as four to six months. Individual courses in the field are also available at the introductory levels. More information is found here.

Programs At a Glance

Individual courses

  • These continuing education courses are found at the introductory level.
  • These courses are found as webinars online.

Certificate programs

  • A Certificate in Iridology Consulting is available that requires 15 credits, and a Master Iridologist program takes about 6-8 months.
  • The Certificate in Iridology Consulting is available online while the Master Iridologist program is on-campus.

Program Courses

Certificate programs in iridology include thorough study of anatomy and physiology. Students may also learn about how to set up an iridology business and adhere to state and local legal requirements. Other topics these programs may cover include history of iridology, herbology, natural health approaches, iris analysis, natural nutrition, holistic health counseling, and intermediate and advanced iridology. These courses train students to use the color of the iris to identify vitamin or mineral deficiencies, see stages of degeneration and more.

Career Information

Iridology is used as a tool for diagnosis of potential health concerns, and as such trained iridologists are called upon by both traditional and alternative practitioners of medicine. Iridology can also help a medical practitioner gauge a patient's areas of strength and weakness, as well as determine what needs to be done to reach and maintain optimal health. As alternative medical practices and treatments are becoming more popular and are moving more into the mainstream of medicine, there is an ever-expanding call for iridologists and the valuable diagnostic tool their services provide.

Professional Organizations

Iridology is not regulated per se in the United States, but it is a widely known and used practice internationally, particularly in Europe. The main professional organization for iridologists is the International Iridology Practitioners Association. This organization offers a professional membership for iridologists and also offers an examination that results in certification. You can also find a list of iridology courses and programs that the organization approves of on its website.

Students interested in iridology can take standalone courses in the subject or pursue certificate programs in the field. These programs help train and prepare students to work with patients and diagnose various health issues using the irises.

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