Learn Math in the Blogosphere: 10 Top Math Blogs

Whether you're a numbers novice or a math master, the math blogosphere has something for you. Learn to compute complex formulae, get interactive basic math training, explore the math behind social issues or just enjoy a few math cartoons with these 10 essential mathematics blogs.

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1. Wild About Math

The goal of this blog is to make math fun and accessible even for the layperson. Posts range from cool math toys to educational math videos, and also include frequent round ups of great posts from the rest of the math blogging world. People ready to test their math skills can also visit the blog's list of sites that share problems from math contests with the public.

2. SquareCircleZ

The authors of IntMath - a site that offers interactive games for learning all types of math - bring you SquareCircleZ. The blog explores topics from math anxiety to Euclidean geometry, as well as fun statistics from the IntMath site, such as when math interest is at its annual peak.

3. SymOmega

Readers who are looking for high level math explained with accessible writing should head over to SymOmega. Written by three professors at The University of Western Australia, the blog expounds upon their research interests, including computation, combinatorics and group theory.

4. Bit Player

The author of this blog writes the Computing Science column for American Scientist magazine, and brings his musings on and analysis of computational problems to his own site. The writing is an accessible mix of hard core math and background explanation.

5. The Unapologetic Mathematician

Written for 'the interested outsider,' this math blog offers detailed expositions of complicated topics such as Specht modules and permutation representations, with links that help the lay person trace back to the basics.

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6. (x, why?)

Looking for a little mathematical levity? Mr. Burke Math presents math comics, math humor and all sorts of other 'math geekery.'

7. Casting Out Nines

If you're interested in math education, then don't miss this blog by Dr. Robert Talbert. He's a math professor who professes as much love for teaching as numbers, and he writes about issues like standardized testing, education data and how to make math more accessible to the public.

8. The Numbers Guy

Carl Bialik explores 'the way numbers are used and abused' in this Wall Street Journal blog. Bialik analyzes the math behind a whole range of news topics and social issues, from the formulae for Medicaid cuts to how city crime rankings are calculated.

9. Tanya Khovanova's Math Blog

This math professor and prolific blogger writes about the practice of math, real world applications of math and issues from the lives of mathematicians, such as women in math and social stereotypes about math.

10. AMS Graduate Student Blog

Considering graduate education in math? Check out this blog hosted by Williams College and run by the American Mathematical Society (AMS). Aimed toward current or aspiring math grad students, topics range from interesting news from the math world to tips on how to get a teaching recommendation before you start applying for jobs after graduation.

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