List of Free Computerized Accounting Courses and Training Programs

Jan 07, 2019

If you're looking for free online computerized accounting courses and training programs, you've reached the right place! This list can help you discover which courses are available and what topics they cover, making it easy to decide what course is right for you.

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Online Computerized Accounting Courses for Credit

Learning the basics of computerized accounting is simple with help from online accounting courses available from top colleges and organizations. These courses, which are free of charge, provide in-depth examinations of important accounting concepts like transfer pricing, revenue recognition and how to prepare a balance sheet. It's good to note, however, that free online accounting courses don't offer college credits. For students seeking credits, offers engaging courses featuring simple-to-follow video lessons, full transcripts, self-assessment quizzes and practice exams for less than the cost of junior college.

Students interested in accounting can check out Accounting 101: Financial Accounting, which examines the accounting cycle, financial statement analysis, merchandising operations and much more. Included in this course are chapters like the following:

  • Receivables in Accounting - Topics include revenue recognition, uncollectable accounts and receivables management.
  • Long-Term Assets in Accounting - Learn about plant assets, methods of depreciation, comparing revenue expenditures and common methods of calculating depreciation.
  • Internal Controls in Accounting - Review topics like control of cash, earnings management, bank reconciliation and common problems with financial information.

Free Online Computerized Accounting Programs

Several academic institutions and learning platforms offer free computerized accounting courses and programs; some of these programs are offered through OpenCourseWare (OCW) systems. These courses and training programs don't cost anything and consist of various learning materials, including lectures, assignments and exams. A computer and Internet access are required to view videos or readings online. Because of the free nature of these courses, colleges and universities don't offer credits or certification to students who utilize them.

Kutztown University of Pennsylvania

Kutztown University of Pennsylvania offers several online courses through the SmallBizU platform, including those focused on loans, investors and acquiring money to start a business. The following accounting courses offer about three hours of content and teach through animated slides with voiceover narration. To access these free courses, students must register for a free SmallBizU account.

  • Accounting 101: This introductory course includes 149 animated slides designed to teach students how to complete the three important financial statements in the accounting world: balance statement, cash flow statement and income statement. Students also learn how to handle cash and explore standard transactions in business encounters. Features available include access to small business documents and a SmallBizU Accounting Toolset.
  • Creating Financial Projections: In this intermediate to advanced accounting course, students can learn what constitutes good financial projections and the importance of assumptions. This course also examines the steps involved in creating projected expense budgets, creating projected income statements, determining variable costs and calculating a breakeven point. As with the Accounting 101 course, students can benefit from the SmallBizU Accounting Toolset and access to documents and worksheets.

Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)

MIT's free accounting courses, along with other courses focused on subjects like aeronautics, earth science, history, theater arts and physics, are available through its OCW system. The courses include downloadable lecture notes, sample assignments and, in some instances, sample exams. No registration is required to access these courses.

  • Business Analysis Using Financial Statements: This graduate course is designed to help aspiring accounting professionals learn how to analyze and determine the value of a firm by looking at financial statements. Students can learn about risk assessment, international financial analysis, mergers and acquisitions. The curriculum includes lecture notes as well as assignments and exams, but there are only answers for the tests. It is recommended that students acquire the textbook Investment Valuation: Tools & Techniques for Determining the Value of Any Asset, 2nd edition to follow along with the course.
  • Financial Accounting: Lectures in this graduate course were designed for students in the Sloan School of Management. Topics cover several areas of accounting, including balance sheets and financial statements, the accounting process, current liabilities and contingencies, statement of cash flow and revenue recognition. Students can study with help from downloadable PDF lecture notes, recitations, problem sets and exams. To get the most from this course, student should acquire the textbook Financial Accounting: An Introduction to Concepts, Methods, and Uses.
  • Introduction to Financial and Managerial Accounting: Students taking this OCW class can learn the basics of corporate accounting. Emphasis is placed on how to read financial and managerial reports instead of how to prepare them. There are 22 lecture notes in PDF format on topics such as the accounting process, revenue recognition, cost concepts and allocation of costs. This course also includes seven problem sets and seven exams, all with corresponding solutions.
  • Management Accounting and Control: In this OCW course, students can learn about various management accounting topics, such as budgeting, organizational architecture, product costing and decision making. Additional topics focus on capacity issues, transfer pricing, controls systems and the incentive to overproduce. Lecture notes as well as presentation and written assignments with no examples are among the learning materials students can access. The recommended textbook for this course is Accounting for Decision Making and Control.
  • Taxes and Business Strategy: This graduate course takes a less traditional approach to taxes by incorporating business strategies into accounting factors. Lecture notes in PDF format are available on a variety of topics, including marginal tax rates, compensation, taxable acquisitions and tax-free acquisitions. Students can also explore problem sets focused on non-tax costs, implicit taxes and corporate formation. Acquiring the textbook Taxes and Business Strategy - A Planning Approach, 2nd edition can help students progress through the course.

The Open University

The Open University's online learning platform, OpenLearn, lets students take free courses covering subject areas that range from technology and psychology to mathematics and nature. Most OpenLearn courses feature written text lessons, and many include activities, tables and other learning aids. To track progress while taking courses, students must sign up for a free account.

  • Introduction to Bookkeeping and Accounting: Students taking this introductory course can develop a comprehensive understanding of how to balance ledger accounts, prepare a balance sheet and use the double-entry bookkeeping system in addition to acquiring the necessary numerical skills. Specific topics explored in this course include capital, liabilities, income and expense accounts and the accounting equation. Individuals taking this course can expect to set aside about eight hours of study time.
  • Financial Accounting and Reporting: In this intermediate course, students can learn the basics of bookkeeping, reporting and accounting and delve in to the purposes of financial statements and financial accounting. The lessons explore planning and decision making, income, expenses, liabilities and assets. Students can benefit from a glossary of accounting terms and definitions as well as a reference list that can enhance the learning process. Completion of this course is estimated to take 12 hours.

Modern States

Modern States Education Alliance offers free online courses to help students prepare for AP and CLEP exams. These courses are available to anyone who signs up for a free account. Students can learn about American government, college mathematics, German language and natural sciences among other subjects. Each course offers free online learning materials, including textbooks, lectures, quizzes and exams.

  • Financial Accounting: This introductory course offers approximately 24 hours' worth of study materials to help students gain a quality understanding of accounting concepts commonly learned in an college undergraduate's first semester. Concepts explored in this self-paced course include different stages of the accounting process, types of financial statements used in accounting and how they are implemented. By completing this course, students will have the knowledge needed to take the CLEP exam in accounting.
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