List of Free Online Accountancy Tutorials and Courses

There are many opportunities to study accountancy online for free or at a low cost. Students and professionals of all levels can use this list to find lessons, lectures and college courses covering fundamental concepts in accounting as well as more advanced topics.

Online Accounting Courses for College Credit

Free accountancy courses that require no registration or tuition are available online for those looking to learn without any obligations. These courses, however, do not provide any college credit. If you're trying to earn credit for school, you might consider the courses found on, which offer an engaging way to attain credit while learning about your interests. These courses include video lessons with accompanying transcripts as well as practice quizzes you can use to test yourself along the way.

Students looking into accountancy can check out Accounting 101: Financial Accounting, in which you'll study chapters like:

  • Mechanics of the Accounting Cycle - Study the accounting equation, ledgers and chart of accounts, debits and credits in accounting and related accounting operations.
  • Statement of Cash Flows in Accounting - Flesh out cash flow statement patterns, preparing a statement of cash flows, making decisions based on cash flow statements and other accounting concepts.
  • Receivables in Accounting - Review the principles of revenue recognition, receivables management, notes receivable and related accounting terminology.
  • Current and Long-Term Liabilities in Accounting - Explore differences and similarities between different types of liabilities, such as known liabilities, estimated liabilities and contingent liabilities. Lessons also cover the issuing, financing and retiring of bonds.

Free Online Accounting Courses

Students cannot typically earn college credit through free online accountancy training. However, many free online resources are offered through a college or university's OpenCourseWare program, which allows you to complete real college coursework on your own time. Other free resources have been created especially for accounting students and professionals and offer materials in a variety of accountancy-related fields, such as bookkeeping or management.


This website is aimed towards anybody with an interest in accounting, from beginning students to pros. Here, you will find plenty of lessons covering the principles of the profession, including bookkeeping practices, income and cash flow statements, deprecation, payroll and bonds, overhead and more. You'll have free access to lesson readings, questions and answers, quizzes and crossword puzzles containing key terms. Sample forms, templates and seminar videos are only available for members with a paid subscription.

  • Financial Accounting covers accounting basics, cash flow statements and bookkeeping.
  • Non-Profit Accounting takes an in-depth look at how the financial statements of a non-profit organization can differ from those of a for-profit business, including tax exemptions, budgeting, mission and ownership and reporting.


Since 1996, BizFilings has provided assistance to business owners and entrepreneurs, especially for those starting or managing a new business. The website also hosts a range of business-related resources, templates, forms and how-tos, including lessons in basic accounting.

  • The Accounting System and Accounting Basics covers the fundamentals of accounting, such as recording transactions, balancing financials and putting together financial statements. Students are presented with definitions of common accounting terms, as well as helpful accounting tips and examples of basic principles in practice.
  • Accounting for Tax Purposes provides students with tips for preventing future federal tax audits and tracking business-related expenditures. This resource emphasizes the importance of keeping organized and using the same accounting methods for both your tax and financial records.

Find schools that offer these popular programs

  • Accounting with Computers, General
  • Auditing
  • Bookkeeping
  • Financial Accounting
  • Managerial Accounting
  • Taxation, General

Massachusetts Institute of Technology

All students are welcome to study business and accounting coursework from the MIT Sloan School of Management, as offered through MIT's OpenCourseWare. While these free courses are not applicable towards college credit, they are real and complete undergraduate and graduate course offerings. All courses feature full downloads of any required exams, assignments and lecture notes.

  • Financial Accounting was originally offered in 2003 and is aimed at graduate-level students. This course features readings from J. Pratt's Financial Accounting in an Economic Context (5th edition) and the Intel 2002 Annual Report. Lectures cover accrual accounting principles, annual reports, financial ratios, revenue recognition, long-lived assets, cash flow and marketable securities, with all notes and recitations available to download as PDFs.
  • Introduction to Financial and Managerial Accounting was an undergraduate-level course originally offered in Spring, 2004. Major topics covered include the indirect allocation of costs, long-term debt, balance sheets, current liabilities, cost of goods sold and depreciation.
  • Management Accounting and Control is for graduate-level accounting students and is identical to a for-credit online version of this course offered in 2003. Students may download PDF versions of the lecture notes and final exam guidelines. Topics include the nature of costs, cost allocation, standard costs, organizational economics, absorption cost systems, performance measurement and balanced scorecards.

The Open University

The Open University was established in 1969 to provide distance-based higher education that fits the needs of all students, including those with work and/or family obligations. The Open University is based in the United Kingdom, but students all over the world are welcome to attend, especially with the OU OpenLearn program, which offers over 900 non-credit courses online for free, including these accountancy courses. Each one is available for download for your computer (Word file or PDF) or Kindle device.

  • Influences on Accounting Regulation is recommended for master's-level students and takes about six hours to complete. Topics covered include stewardship, accounting rules, means of regulation, taxation, financial reporting objectives and national economics.
  • Introduction to the Context of Accounting is an advanced course, requiring about four hours of study to complete. Students gain a better understanding of the primary objectives of accounting, as well as the different kinds of data and information that accountants encounter.


This website covers accountancy principles and concepts through tutorials, diagrams and charts. You can also read articles about accounting issues and look up related terms in the accounting dictionary. While Simplestudies offers some of its features for free, others are only available through a subscription.

  • Accounting Tutorials focus on the fundamentals of financial and managerial accounting. Financial tutorials include accounting basics, double-entry accounting systems, accounting for inventories, accounting in merchandising companies and accounting for accruals. Managerial tutorials cover manufacturing and non-manufacturing costs, accounting cost behavior and accounting cost-volume-profit analysis.

The Association of Chartered Certified Accountants (ACCA)

The ACCA is a global professional organization serving the needs and goals of accountants since 1904. Starting in 2019, the ACCA will offer several courses for members and non-members alike. In particular, its introductory courses are free and geared towards anybody who is interested in learning more about accounting or starting a career in the field. These courses are self-paced and include videos and discussion forums.

  • Introduction to Bookkeeping is for those who want to learn more about handling business transactions, payroll, ledger accounts and more. Professionals may also use this course to help prepare for ACCA credentialing exams, but non-ACCA members are welcome to take this course.
  • Introduction to Management Accounting covers the purposes of management accounting, with lessons designed to teach you how to work with spreadsheets and record or classify expenses. This course can help students prepare for the ACCA Management Information exam.

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