List of Free Online Communications Courses and Classes

Communication courses can effectively strengthen writing, speaking and listening skills used in business and life. Learn more about communication classes, and find out by exploring this list where you can study communications online at no cost.

What Is a Communications Class?

A communications class can explain the concept of communication at a beginner's, intermediate or advanced level. Students might learn general communication practices, techniques and strategies and discover best practices for communicating in different settings and scenarios with individuals, small groups or the greater public.

Individuals who take communication classes have the chance to study communication theory, public relations, argumentation, organizational communication and even how to communicate effectively on social media. Whether taking classes in associate's or bachelor's degree programs, enrolling at one of the fantastic schools with communication graduate programs or opting for continuing education courses, there are many amazing options available!

How to Study Communications Online for Free

Technological advancements have made it possible to conveniently study communications online at colleges and universities across the globe. Some schools even offer free communication classes online! Course options include those teaching business communications, communication skills and mass communications.

Take a Business Communication Course Online Free

Business communication courses help students learn how to deliver clear messages in professional settings, create presentations and reports and become competent public speakers. While students could benefit greatly from taking paid courses at some of the top schools for business communications, they could also take a business communication course online free.

Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)

The Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) offers OpenCourseWare (OCW), which grants students free access to materials from more than 2,400 former MIT courses. Students can explore lecture notes, written assignments and other course materials at no charge and without registration.

  • Management Communication for Undergraduates: This undergraduate communication course, originally taught in the Fall 2012 semester, is designed to help future managers communicate strategically in business settings. Lectures explore ways students can communicate with purpose and deliver impactful messages. Lectures go over the basics of listening, oral presentations, interviewing, electronic communication and working with the media.
  • Advanced Communication for Leaders: In this graduate-level Spring 2016 course, students explore strategies for communicating effectively with leaders in business, making group decisions and interacting with an aggressive audience. Lectures examine how to manage crises, speak to inspire and communicate with diverse audiences. Assignments included with this course ask students to create a persuasive presentation for a hostile audience, write a motivational speech and conduct an interview with a business executive.

Enjoy a Communication Skills Course Online Free

Quality communication skills can make a difference in one's ability to listen effectively, persuade others and even become a better writer. If you're looking to improve your communication skills, consider taking a communication skills course online free.


Catalyst is a nonprofit organization that aims to ensure women are properly included in the workplace. The organization offers a variety of free online courses through the edX online learning platform, including those focused on leadership, bias and communication. To access these free courses, students must register with edX, which can be accomplished via email, Google, Facebook or Microsoft accounts.

  • Communication Skills for Bridging Divides: This introductory communication skills course examines practical techniques individuals can use to effectively communicate with people from different backgrounds. Students learn how to avoid debates and instead participate in dialogues, serve as allies and develop environments of inclusion. This 45-minute course is designed to last one week with one to two hours of effort.

Free Online Mass Communication Courses

Mass communication courses offer students the chance to develop a well-rounded understanding of media and technology. Courses generally focus on different forms of media like print publications, television and radio as well as public relations. Fortunately, students have the opportunity to take online mass communication courses free of charge.

Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)

MIT OpenCourseWare offers free YouTube video lectures from previous courses in subject areas that include science, mathematics, engineering, economics and communications. Students can simply browse YouTube playlists to find dozens of video courses to watch.

  • Media, Education and the Marketplace: This graduate course, originally presented in Fall 2001, features professor Shigeru Miyagawa and various guest speakers discussing how different forms of interactive media impact learning. Lectures explore how the youth's perspective on media is impacted by video games and how mass media markets have had to adapt. Most videos in this course range from about 10 to 40 minutes.

Are There Any Free Online Communication Courses with a Certificate of Completion?

While it's not easy to find free online communication courses with a certificate of completion, it's not impossible. For instance, The Open University's OpenLearn offers a statement of participation upon completion of its courses at no extra charge.

The Open University

OpenLearn is a free online learning platform offered by The Open University. Students have the opportunity to take nearly 1,000 free courses, including several free online communication classes. Upon completion of each course, they could receive a free digital badge or statement of participation. In order to obtain a badge or statement of participation, students must create a free online account.

  • Communication, Management and Your Own Context: This advanced communication course takes a close look at management communication as it relates to writing, reading, speaking and listening. The course is designed to help managers or management students get a better grasp of management vocabulary, ways how to write in collaboration with others and how to communicate with confidence. The course consists of eight hours of content and offers activities within the lessons.
  • Communication and Working Relationships in Sport and Fitness: Individuals interested in understanding communication dynamics within the world of sports and fitness could benefit from this introductory course. Designed for coaches and other individuals in this field, students learn how to use specific communication practices to build quality relationships. Lessons in this 24-hour course go over steps for getting messages across, connecting with others and becoming influential.

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