List of Free Online Computer Maintenance Courses and Classes

Online Computer Maintenance Courses for Credit

While the free online classes listed in the section below do not lead to academic credit, students can use them to learn about computer maintenance through a combination of videos, lessons, readings and projects.'s courses, however, offer the chance to receive credit while learning through free text lessons as well as corresponding videos and self-assessment quizzes available to members for a small fee. Any combination of these resources can be used to earn real college credit, making it an affordable alternative to your typical online or on-campus college course. Chapters include:

Students looking into computer maintenance may find Business 104: Information Systems and Computer Applications helpful, with relevant chapters such as:

  • Hardware and Systems Technology - Get an overview of computer hardware components as well as storage, input and output devices.
  • Systems Software and Application Software - Instructors explain the differing functionalities of personal, workgroup and enterprise operating systems. The uses of word processing, presentation, database and communication software are also discussed.
  • Network Systems Technology - Learn the components of telecommunications hardware and network operating systems. Lessons also cover the types of short-range, medium-range and wide-area network connections.
  • Decision Support Systems and Specialized Information Systems - This chapter covers the uses management information systems, executive information systems and geographic information systems, among others, to manage or organize a business' day-to-day operations.
  • Data Management - Examine the elements of a database and survey models of database management along with the elements of structured query language and cloud computing.

Free Online Non-Credited Computer Maintenance Courses

Eli the Computer Guy

This website offers instruction through videos. Users are allowed to leave questions on the messaging board located beneath every video.

  • Cleaning an Infected Windows PC offers beginners step-by step instruction in how to clean viruses from a PC using a Windows operating system. Students learn how to remove unnecessary software, install security software and run the scans needed to find infections.
  • Introduction to Computer Security provides a basic understanding of firewalls and hackers while exploring the flaws inherent in most Web browsers and what types of software are out there that might cause damage to a computer or collect information about the computer user.
  • Introduction to Hacking examines what hacking is, why hackers do it and what laws are out there to protect computer users, as well as about other protections. Video classes include class notes and some include additional resources.

Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)

MIT is one of the universities and colleges offering free online college courses through the OCW (OpenCourseWare) consortium.

  • Network and Computer Security instructs users on risk assessment, software protection, cryptography and intrusion detection, among other topics. Suggested readings, as well as assignments and exams, are offered among its resources. Suggestions are included for a final project.

Northern Arizona University

Northern Arizona University offers online instruction in computer maintenance for both personal computers (PCs) and Macintosh terminals (Macs).

  • Computer Clean Up is a six-minute video that teaches users how to get rid of unwanted files and speed up computer performance.
  • Scan Your Hard Drive for Problems describes how to use Scandisk to search a computer's files and folders for errors. The tutorial covers the various options the computer user has in using ScanDisk.
  • Clearing Internet Temporary Files gives instructions on how to clear a computer of the various cookies and files a computer can collect over time from the Web..

The Open University

  • Living with the Internet: Keeping it Safe teaches students about different types of harmful software, such as worms, viruses and Trojans. The course also describes other forms of software and emails from the Web that can be problematic, such as spam, spyware and adware. How to protect children who go on the Internet is also covered. At the end of the course, one can learn about other online safety resources out there.
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