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Jan 04, 2019

International Business Courses Online for Credit

Students can find free online courses in international business online that won't ask them to register or pay any form of tuition. These courses typically do not offer credit for college. Students interested in attaining credit can check out the comparatively inexpensive courses on, which feature easy-to-follow video lessons accompanied by corresponding transcripts, self-assessment quizzes, practice exams and other study materials in one convenient location.

Students can consider taking Business 308: Globalization & International Management, which delves into topics like crisis management, virtual teams and globalization, along with the following chapters:

  • Changes in the Global Marketplace - Topics include decision making in a global business, trends and impact of expatriation and the changing landscape of the global market.
  • Global Trade & Business Law - Examine importing and exporting in a global market, forces that affect trade, methods of international business expansion and more.
  • Social Responsibility in Corporations - Study subjects like the origins of social responsibility, corporate social performance and business sustainability.

Free International Business Courses Online

While many of the courses listed contain content from credit-bearing courses, none of these free courses offer college credit, and students don't have to register or enroll. They may need special software, such as Adobe Acrobat Reader or mp3 players, in order to access course materials.

The Open University

OpenLearn is a free online learning platform offered by The Open University. Students from around the world can access this platform to study a wide range of subjects, including sports, psychology, the arts, money and technology. While signing up is not required to access the OpenLearn materials, it is an option for students who want to track their progress and gain extra perks. OpenLearn provides a comprehensive learning experience through video lessons, games and other study materials.

  • Claiming Connections: A Distant World of Sweatshops? offers 14 hours of written lessons and activities in globalization and the positive and negative impacts on a country and its workforce. In the intermediate-level course, students can look at the production facilities of some 'big brand' manufacturers, how sweatshops are characterized and consumer distancing from overseas sweatshop exploitation. Study materials include charts, tables and pictures within lessons as well as learning activities.
  • Managing Local Practices in Global Contexts explores universally-applicable business principles and how to manage in a globalized world. The advanced course consists of 20 hours of study materials and closely examines globalization dimensions, institutional rules of practice, multiple rationalities and much more. Free course materials consist of lessons covering topics such as the standardized approach to business typified by McDonald's. Many lessons include activities to illustrate the points made.

University of California - Irvine

The University of California - Irvine (UCI) is a member of the Open Education Consortium and offers numerous online courses free of charge without the requirement of registering for access. Students can enjoy courses focused on social ecology, health sciences, education, humanities and other subject areas. In addition to full courses, UCI offers free online lectures covering law, medicine, engineering and biological sciences among other topics.

  • The Coming China Wars: Where They Will Be Fought, How They Can Be Won is a lecture that examines China's competitive advantage and the use of mercantilist practices by the Chinese. Lecturer and professor of economics and public policy, Peter Navarro, uses his book The Coming China Wars as the focal point of the lecture. Available free of charge online, the lecture is about 85 minutes long.

Massachusetts Institute of Technology

MIT's OpenCourseWare offers students the opportunity to access 2400 courses exploring a wide range of topics from health and medicine to teaching and education. The courses, which are free to access and require no registration, typically consist of downloadable lecture notes and assignments and can also include exams and projects.

  • Economy and Business in Modern China and India compares the business policies and methods of these two economic powers and examines how each country's policies affect global economies. Topics explored in this graduate course include the business and finance environment, entrepreneurial dynamics and controversies in foreign direct investment (FDI). A list of readings is available and includes textbooks used in the original class and newspaper and magazine articles that may be available online or at a library. Users of this free course resource can download several PDF files that include lecture notes and the guideline for the final project.
  • Global Markets, National Politics and the Competitive Advantage of Firms examines the role of politics and government in influencing economic outcomes. Lectures in this graduate course explore state-driven development in Singapore, intellectual property protection, non-government organizations (NGOs) and more. PDF versions of the lecture notes are available for 10 lessons. Students can access some course reading materials like journal articles and videos via download as well the final exam and its solutions.
  • Global Strategy and Organization shows how today's corporations address changes in the global marketplace by developing effective business strategies. Students learn how companies can make the most of national and industry-level opportunities and make the best choices regarding which activities to engage. Lecture notes are provided for 11 sessions and cover such topics as building a global business, the changing global landscape, expanding from new regions and global leadership. Assignments are also available on the course site for each corresponding lecture.
  • Macro and International Economics teaches about macroeconomic policy in a wide range of countries, with special focus on various economic crises. Specific topics examined in this course include industrialized country exchange rates, fiscal sustainability and banking crises. Users of this course can download 11 sets of lecture notes as PDFs, and students can access writing assignments based on case studies obtained from a list of recommended readings. Students can obtain two exams, but not their solutions.
  • Working in a Global Economy explores the increasingly global economy and the impact global business has on business policies. Lecture topics, but not lecture notes, are available and focus on various interpretations of globalization and what competition looks like in a global economy. Students can see writing assignments from the original course along with examples of students' work.


MRUniversity, short for Marginal Revolution University, offers a complete collection of courses consisting of free economics videos. The learning platform was developed by George Mason University economics professors with the goal of helping students learn economics concepts at their own pace and without charge. Courses MRUniversity offers cover microeconomics and macroeconomics, money skills, international finance and more. Registration is not required to access learning materials.

  • International Trade is a six-hour, self-paced course focused on international trade theories and the repercussions of global trade in the current economy. Lessons consist of videos that explore comparative advantage, optimal tariffs, multinational corporations, NAFTA and more. The lessons also feature practice questions. This course is available via online streaming as well as for download on iTunes. In order to take the final exam, you will need to sign up for a free account.

The New School University

The New School University in New York City has provided students with the opportunity to take free online courses in the past, though most are no longer active. However, the school and its professors have posted free video lectures on YouTube for students to enjoy. The lectures average 1-2 hours and cover topics like power and ideology, fine arts, capitalism and economics.

  • Economic Crisis and Globalization is a series of video lectures presented by Professor Richard D. Wolff in the spring of 2009. In his talks, Wolff critically examines the way the global economic crisis of the late-2000s is viewed and has been discussed. He looks at reasons the economic crisis occurred, explores the impact capital has in our lives and tackles U.S. consumerism, wage levels, finance and debt. Professor Wolff has posted six lecture series on his YouTube page, which have been sorted into playlists.

The University of New Mexico

The University of New Mexico offers a variety of courses through Coursera free of charge, including some focused on web application development and entrepreneurial strategic management. In order to access these courses, students are required to sign up for a free account through Coursera, which can be accomplished via email or Facebook. Students must audit the courses to access them for free.

  • International Business I takes a close look at the ways culture, politics, language and socioeconomic status can impact international business. Topics explored in this course include globalization, free trade vs. managed trade, how exchange rates are determined and other related topics. Learning materials include videos and quizzes that take approximately six hours to complete.
  • International Business II examines what it takes to manage businesses in a global economy. The course is an extension of International Business I and looks at issues that can arise in international business environments as well as the basics of foreign currencies, product adaptation for a global market, expatriates and more. Students can review videos and take quizzes to study these concepts. Course completion takes approximately six hours.
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