List of Free Online Quantum Physics Courses and Learning Materials

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Information on Online Quantum Physics Courses

Many of these courses are intended for learners who already have a strong background in physics. Course materials often include access to problem sets and exams. Students may need to have a scientific calculator with advanced functions in order to work on lessons or assignments. They may also need software like QuickTime or Adobe Reader in order to access the materials. These courses do not result in academic credit and learners can't interact with instructors or fellow students.

Free Online Quantum Physics Courses and Learning Materials

Yale University

  • Fundamentals of Physics II is designed for students who have a solid foundation in physics and mathematics. Quantum mechanics is covered extensively, with lecture topics including the Schrodinger equation, wave-particle duality and measurement theory. Students can download video lectures, problem sets and solutions. Three physics textbooks and a supplemental mathematics book are required.

Tufts University

  • Introduction to Modern Physics introduces subjects relevant to the discovery of quantum physics in the early 20th century, such as relativity, Maxwell EM waves, the Bohr atom, electron waves and cosmology. Topics covered include the theoretical principles of quantum mechanics and related math. One textbook is required and two other books are listed as reserve reading. Outlines for each lecture can be found on the course site and lecture slides can be viewed online or downloaded as PDF files. Some exams are available for download from the course site. Solutions are included for most exams.

Utah State University

  • Quantum Mechanics provides students with information on how quantum theory is used and gives them the tools to pursue the subject further. It is aimed at students with some knowledge of physics and quantum mechanics and covers product observables, spin states, the Gaussian state, momentum and observables with continuous or unbounded values. The lecture notes can be downloaded. Homework assignments are available on the course site as well.

Massachusetts Institute of Technology

  • Quantum Physics I consists of 24 lectures with detailed notes for each available as a PDF file. Some of the topics covered include the Bohr model, the photoelectric effect, wave functions and wave packets, the Schrodinger equation, angular momentum and spherical harmonics. A list of required and suggested readings is available. Students can also download 11 problem sets, exams and exam solutions from the course site. No solutions are provided for the problem sets. Students are expected to have previous academic coursework in the field.
  • Quantum Physics II builds upon the knowledge gained in the previous course. Topics covered include two-state systems, angular momentum, quantum dynamics and identical particles. There are seven textbooks required for this course. Students can download reading assignments, access problem sets and review related experiments. These course materials are designed for students with some background in quantum physics and with advanced mathematics skills.
  • Quantum Physics III covers topics like time-independent perturbation theory, scattering, variational and semi-classical methods and charged particles in a magnetic field. Assignments, which include readings and problem sets, can be downloaded as PDF files. The course materials include tips on writing scientific research papers that may be useful. This course is intended for students who have previously taken quantum physics classes.

Cornell University

  • Quantum Physics Made Relatively Simple was recorded in 1999 and features three lectures from Professor Hans Bethe interspersed with graphics illustrating his lecture points. The 45-minute lectures are available as QuickTime videos in large and small formats and as audio files. The lectures are not extremely technical and concentrate on Bethe's work as a pioneer of quantum physics theory during his 75-year career.
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