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Aug 17, 2021

Sales and Marketing Courses

There are plenty of freesales and marketing courses online available for individuals interested in starting a business, progressing in a career, or gaining personal knowledge of these concepts. Most institutions offering these courses provide a well-rounded learning experience but don't offer college credit. Students who want to pursue a college degree might look for online courses that offer a for-credit option. While these courses typically charge a nominal fee, they often cost much less than what students would pay through a traditional college program.'s courses offer an affordable and effective path to college credit, providing in-depth training through engaging video lessons taught by marketing and sales professionals.

A sales and marketing specialist presents a marketing plan
A sales and marketing specialist presents a marketing plan

Sales and Marketing Courses: For-Credit Options

Students interested in marketing can check out Business 102: Principles of Marketing. This marketing course covers topics like competitive advantage, public relations and the international marketplace. It also includes the following chapters:

  • Marketing Philosophies and Ethics - Lessons provide definitions of marketing and sales concepts while also covering market and sales orientation and business ethics.
  • Consumer Decision Making - Find out how consumers make decisions and what strategies marketing professionals use to predict consumer behavior.
  • Managing a Product and Retailing - Examine the new product development cycle, marketing mix and retail segments.
  • Services Marketing, Marketing Channels & Supply Chain Management - Learn about the difference between services and goods, non-profit marketing, channel intermediaries and the six parts of supply chain integration.
  • Selling and Pricing Strategy - Subjects covered include personal selling, profit-oriented and competitor pricing strategies, price elasticity and pricing cost.

Sales and Marketing Management Courses Online: Schools

These free online courses don't require students to enroll or register, but they also don't typically award any college credit. Students may need to obtain special software, such as document readers or media players, in order to access course materials.

Modern States

The non-profit Modern States Education Alliance offers dozens of free online courses with the goal of helping students prepare for AP and CLEP exams; however, anyone can take these courses and learn subjects like American government, chemistry, calculus, natural science and financial accounting. Many Modern States courses provide students with free learning materials like lectures, quizzes, exams and textbooks. In order to access these non-credit courses, students must complete a short registration process.

  • Principles of Marketing: This short introductory course contains approximately 24 hours of content designed to help students understand basic marketing principles and strategies. Students can learn the marketing steps organizations take to stand out among their competition. Topics explored in this course include the marketing mix and the planning of marketing strategy. There are no prerequisites for this self-paced course.

Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)

MIT provides an online learning platform called OpenCourseWare (OCW) that enables learners from any location to access learning materials from previous MIT courses. Approximately 2,400 courses are available from subject areas like history, chemistry, economics, political science, architecture and literature. The courses do not require registration and offer no credits. Learning materials provided in most courses include lecture notes, assignments and reading lists.

  • Data Mining: In this graduate-level course, students can learn how to use data about customer buying patterns and relationships. Topics explored include multiple linear regression, Bayes rule and artificial neural networks. Students can access selected lecture notes as well as assignments and exam questions, but not the answers. There's also a download link and tutorial for using XLMiner. No textbook is required, but students may want to purchase suggested supplemental readings.
  • Marketing Management: Students taking this graduate-level course can enjoy an introduction to the four P's of marketing: product, price, promotion and place. Case studies are mixed with discussion questions on branding, pricing, targeting, advertising and competition. Students have access to lecture notes as well as a final project focused on the creation of a strategic marketing plan. The textbooks Marketing Management and Market-Based Management - Strategies for Growing Customer Value and Profitability must be acquired in order to fully benefit from this course.
  • Marketing Strategy: This course is geared toward students interested in pursuing careers in business consulting, analysis or investment. Objectives include pinpointing and creating marketing strategies, analyzing opportunities and predicting competition. Students can download selected lecture notes as PDF documents. Course assignments with discussion questions based on the lectures are also available.

The Open University

Anyone interested in taking free online courses covering subjects like money and business, education, psychology, science and law can benefit from OpenLearn from the Open University. This online learning platform offers more than 1,000 courses and other study materials with the goal of providing a free education to millions of learners. Registration is not required to take courses but can be beneficial for individuals interested in tracking their progress. OpenLearn courses do not grant credits.

  • Marketing Communications as a Strategic Function: In this 6-hour graduate course, students learn how an organization communicates with its clients. Through written lessons and examples of real-life situations, students learn various techniques for marketing and how to gauge their effectiveness. Chapters offer diagrams, charts and activities to help enhance the learning experience. No textbook or additional reading is required.
  • The Market-Led Organization: Lessons in this 4-hour course look at target audiences, market orientation and managing key relationships. Additional topics discuss what it means to be market led. The advanced course consists of lesson transcripts, many with illustrations. Students also can engage in activities to increase their understanding.
  • Social Marketing: Students taking this advanced course examine the role of marketing in the promotion of social goals. They also learn about problems that can occur in social marketing and the role of stakeholders as target markets. Lessons are provided, and some contain activities and illustrations. Study questions at the end of the unit help students evaluate what they've learned. No textbook is required.

Babson College

Students can take a variety of free online sales and marketing courses from Babson College through the edX platform. To gain access to these courses, students must sign up for a free edX account, which can be accomplished through email or sites like Facebook. In most cases, students are required to audit the courses to study at no cost. Among the free courses Babson offers are those focused on business analytics, economics and marketing.

  • Customer Centric Marketing for Entrepreneurs: In this intermediate-level course, students learn how to design a marketing campaign by effectively sorting through and choosing from the marketing options available, including direct sales and social media. The course also examines ways to focus a marketing campaign on customers by identifying their needs. Completion of this course is estimated to take four weeks at a pace of 4-6 hours of effort per week.

University of California - Irvine

The University of California - Irvine (UCI) offers about 50 Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs) through the online learning platform Coursera as well as its own platform. In addition to full courses, UCI offers individual lectures that cover specific topics from areas like law, medicine, engineering, and social ecology. These lectures are free to view and do not require registration for access.

  • The Elevator Pitch: This is a 43-minute lecture that teaches students how to present informative and succinct sales pitches. It updates the old formula of time spent in an elevator to today's electronic technology, discussing how to capture an audience via social media platforms. Students learn how to summarize their proposition and state what makes their product different from the competition. No textbook or other course materials are required.

U.S. Small Business Administration

The SBA provides short sales and marketing courses to help prospective and current small business owners develop and manage a business. These courses, which are available to anyone, go over the basics of customer service, cybersecurity, financing, franchising, and much more. Most SBA courses teach students through free videos that require Adobe Flash and may consist of transcripts and downloadable worksheets. Registration is not required to access these non-credit courses.

  • Marketing 101: A Guide to Winning Customers: This short course provides students with a comprehensive overview of marketing along with steps businesses can take to build a customer base. The term marketing is defined and specific market strategies are discussed. In addition to the 30-minute video, students can access a course transcript and downloadable PDF worksheets.
  • Sales: A Guide for the Small Business Owner: Students taking this course can gain a quality understanding of the steps involved in the sales process. Topics explored include the four ''P's,'' the elevator pitch, sales planning, and market research. The video course is about 30 minutes long and is accompanied by a text transcript.
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