Motivational Sales Speaker: Job Duties and Education Requirements

Sep 29, 2019

Motivational sales speakers require some formal education. Learn about the education, job duties, career overview, responsibilities and necessary skills to see if this is the right career for you.

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Businesses and sales services are some of the organizations that often utilize motivational speakers. Skills in communication, problem solving and sales specialization are often needed. Common educational requirements for these professionals are associate's degrees and internships.

Essential Information

Motivational sales speakers may visit businesses to boost sales team morale. They lecture audiences of various sizes, from a few dozen to a few hundred. Motivational sales speakers need a combination of communication expertise and sales technique mastery. Candidates for this position might earn an associate's or bachelor's degree in communications, preferably with a specialization in sales or persuasive speaking. These degree programs often involve an internship.

Education Requirements Associate's or bachelor's degree
Other Requirements Internships are common
Average Salary (2019)* $51,738 for all speakers and lecturers

Source: *

Career Overview

Motivational sales speakers provide relevant and cutting-edge information on selling and sales techniques to large audiences as part of a corporate sales effort, seminar, or similar event. They present information in a way that inspires, encourages, and stimulates the audience. Their topics might include selling, sales leadership, goal setting, customer service initiatives, or communication tactics.

Job Responsibilities

Motivational sales speakers must gain knowledge of the sales industry and build on their expertise. To establish a knowledge base, they may need to research sales innovations and stay current on sales industry news. These professional speakers must engage audiences and excite crowds while communicating informational and informative messages. Motivational approaches might include using humor and stories while demonstrating sales techniques.


Motivational sales speakers may need to be proficient at communicating in an educational environment, for recording purposes or live via the Web. They often customize their messages to meet the needs of each specific audience. Professional speakers should be eloquent and able to perform with distinct style. The National Speakers Association (NSA) confers the Certified Speaking Professional designation to highly skilled speakers. Certification requirements include having an aptitude in platform speaking and business management, as well as possessing a relevant education.

Education Essentials

Aspiring motivational sales speakers may take classes in public speaking and communication arts. They may pursue such degrees as the Associate of Arts or Bachelor of Arts in Communication. A few schools offer specialty tracks in sales or persuasive speaking studies. Communication classes may include problem solving, seminar planning, and interpersonal relating. Some communication arts programs require students to complete an internship that allows them to practice their techniques or build an appropriate portfolio.

Salary Info

According to in September 2019, all types of speakers and lecturers earned a median annual salary of about $52,000. The lowest paid 10% made around $36,000 at that time, while the top-paid 10% earned upwards of $80,000.

Motivational speakers are in high demand by many sales companies. Associate's or bachelor's degrees, excellent communication and interpersonal skills, a strong grasp of the sales industry, and hands-on experience are usually necessary to excel in this field.

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