Numbers Count: 10 Free Online Math Classes

Jan 02, 2019

free math classes


In case you've forgotten, geometry is all about shapes, angles, area, volume and related topics. This class from The Open University utilizes a variety of interactive exercises to teach geometric concepts. In a matter of hours, you'll be an expert on rays, midpoints, planes and space.


Did you sleep through most of high school algebra? This course offered by the University of California-Irvine can familiarize you with algebraic structures and polynomial equations. There's also info on functions, linear algebra and natural numbers.

Algebra II/Intermediate Algebra

If your initial adventures in algebra weren't too painful, try moving on to this second serving from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). You'll have the opportunity to explore polynomial rings, field extensions, factorization, integers in quadratic number fields and Galois theory. (Uh, yeah . . . Galois theory, of course.)


Want to figure out your chances of getting accepted into that graduate program? Or the probability that your morning train will be late? Statistical analysis provides a method for analyzing abstract equations and real-life questions alike. If you're interested in becoming a stats geek, check out this course from Carnegie Mellon University.


Just the word 'calculus' can send some into shivers of fright. This course from MIT seeks to illuminate topics that include matrices, partial differentiation, double integrals and (gasp) triple integrals. Complete the class and you'll also be able to impress friends with your knowledge of Green's theorem.

free math classes

Integral Equations

Integral equations aren't for math amateurs, so it's probably a good idea to know what you're doing before jumping into this course from MIT. The class approaches integral equations from the perspective of applied mathematics. Check it out to learn about Fredholm theory and the Wiener-Hopf Method. Just don't let the Hilbert Problem keep you from getting proper.

Complex Numbers

The Open University offers this primer class on manipulating complex numbers - very important in diverse areas of math, science and technology. Although it's an introduction to complex numbers, the course content requires background knowledge on algebra and trigonometry.

Functional Analysis

Functional analysis combines different aspects of mathematics to address differential equations. Taking the course will allow you to understand how to use linear algebra and metric topology in problem solving. Learn how to find solutions for infinite dimensional space of functions. Really.

Vectors and Conics

Understanding vectors and cones can not only lead to a great deal of intellectual satisfaction. Applications for this knowledge extend beyond the abstract and can provide answers in areas that include economics, technology and science. Check out the class for the lowdown on Euclidean space and dot products.


Have you ever been out to trivia night and asked to classify surfaces? (Mathematically, that is.) If you used concepts like homeomorphism and orientability to provide your answer - right on. If you missed that question, check out this course so that you'll be prepared for next time.

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