Online Applied Management Degree Program Summary

Learn about online degree programs with applied management courses. Get an overview of the program types, requirements and course descriptions available for this field.

Essential Information

Bachelor's degree programs in applied management can be found at multiple online academic institutions and can be completed entirely online. Some bachelor's degree programs in applied management require applicants to hold an associate's degree or an equivalent 2-year certificate in a technical field.

At the graduate level, an online Master of Business Administration (MBA) in Applied Management degree program is available, but not common. Candidates for an MBA program must hold a bachelor's degree with an acceptable GPA and may be required to have work experience.

Though online Ph.D. programs in applied management are uncommon, they are available. While much of the coursework required for these Ph.D. programs can be completed online, doctoral students must generally attend one or more on-campus sessions to meet with advisors, communicate with peers and consult with supporting staff members.

Bachelor of Science in Applied Management

A Bachelor of Science in Applied Management degree program prepares students to become leaders in their respective field, through the study of managerial and business related concepts. Students acquire skills in various disciplines, such as critical thinking, communication, human resource management and computer sciences, which prepare them for managerial positions.

Program Information and Requirements

Typical B.S. in Applied Management programs require between 125-135 credit hours, including transfer credits from an associate's degree, and can be completed in two years. Some programs allow students to declare a concentration within applied management, such as small business management or performance management. Students can access course material online 24 hours a day and communicate with their professors and peers through online chat rooms, discussion threads and email. Many courses are aligned with on-campus semester courses, requiring the online student to adhere to a set schedule for assignments and exams.

To access course material, students need a computer equipped with a high-speed Internet connection that has the capability to stream video and audio. Some courses require students to have a microphone in order to speak with peers during class discussions. Students access online courses through websites, downloadable documents and videos, live lectures and interactive discussions.

Course Topics

The completion of an associate's degree prior to enrollment satisfies most general education requirements for the bachelor's degree. This allows students to focus specifically on practical management courses.

Managerial Accounting

An online course in managerial accounting focuses on business-centered approaches to accounting. Concepts include cost behavior and analysis, strategic and operational planning, decision-making and control measures. In addition, emphasis is placed on the role that ethics play for the managerial accountant.

Human Resources Management

Students in this course study the role of human resources management from the perspectives of employees as well as managers. Through the study of manager-to-staff interactions, students learn concepts, such as recruitment, hiring, wage compensation, employee evaluations, labor relations, counseling, discipline and termination.

Project Management

This course teaches students to evaluate a department's technical and human resource assets in order to effectively plan and execute a project. Students study the life-cycle of a project, and learn to utilize tools, such as computer software, to set and meet project objectives.

Business Ethics

Courses in business ethics prepare future business leaders for the ethical, social and legal responsibilities they must adhere to when entering the workforce. Through analyzing case studies, students learn of various employment laws, including equal employment opportunity, employee privacy, regulatory environment, employment and termination agreements and labor-management relations.


MBA in Applied Management

An MBA program with a specialization in applied management prepares students to become effective leaders within business organizations. Graduates of this program are trained to manage material and human resources to efficiently achieve business objectives.

Program Information and Requirements

An online MBA with a specialization in applied management generally consists of 42 credit hours, and, depending on the student, can be completed in 18-20 months. Coursework is delivered in a virtual classroom where students can interact with instructors as well as each other, requiring a computer and Internet access. Through an online course management system, students can access assignments, wikis, quizzes, group chats, journals and discussion boards.

Course Topics

Courses in this MBA program are generally taken one at a time, until the student has completed the program. Students gain a background in various types of management, with an emphasis on business applications.

Issues in International Business Management

This course focuses on the issues that face business managers as they enter into international markets. By reviewing case studies, students learn global business concepts, such as foreign economic and political systems, foreign business practices and geographic strategies.

Managerial Ethics

This course examines the legal, moral and ethical challenges that face business organizations. Students learn to identify and resolve potential obstacles within an organization from a leadership perspective.

Concepts in Applied Management

Students in this course study the functions that executive managers serve in dynamic business environments. Concepts that are studied include the structure and organization of business operations, employee management and leadership.

Strategic Operations

Courses in strategic operations focus on identifying and satisfying the logistical demands that govern a business' internal operations. Students focus on efficiency concepts, such as supply and value chain management, alliances and organizational policy to understand the workings of a competitive business organization.


Ph.D. in Applied Management

Doctoral candidates analyze the history of management and its relationship to both business and society. Students then identify management theory and practice areas in which to dedicate their research. Upon completion of this program, students will have completed a dissertation and an oral presentation that presents findings for the advancement of the field.

Program Information and Requirements

Students can choose to focus in such applied management specializations as information systems management, knowledge management or learning management. There is no set time for the completion of this program. Doctoral candidates complete courses in a traditional online classroom delivery format as well as write scholarly papers with the aid of an advisor.

Course Topics

Orientation courses in online learning must be completed prior to beginning the Ph.D. curriculum. All coursework culminates in a dissertation that the student must complete before being approved for graduation.

Knowledge Management Principles

This course examines how organizations can maximize efficiency and productivity through the management of information technology systems. Students learn to utilize information systems to organize and distribute knowledge from a variety of sources both within and outside an organization's framework.

Quantitative Research and Analysis

This prepares students to conduct and analyze their own research at the doctoral level. Students learn the ethical and social parameters that govern their research methods. Through studying established quantitative research models and statistics tests, students learn to develop their own quantitative research practices.

Risk Assessment

Students in this course focus their study on developing security methods for protecting businesses from information security threats, both within a physical company as well as on the Internet. Other concepts in security include, investment returns, continuity planning and policy development.

Career Information

Students who complete a Bachelor of Science in Applied Management program are eligible for management positions in many industries. Administrative services managers plan, organize and execute projects and services that are crucial to a company's operations. Between 2014-2024, employment of administrative services managers was projected to grow by 8%, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics ( In May of 2015, the bureau also reported that the median annual salary for this occupation was $86,110.

Graduates of an MBA program in applied management are prepared to advance within a company to a position of executive management. Executive positions are extremely competitive to obtain, however, there were 238,940 chief executives in the American workforce in 2015, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics ( The BLS also reported that the annual salary for a business executive in 2015 ranged from $68,600 to over $187,200, with a median annual salary of $175,110.

Graduates with a Ph.D. in applied management are qualified to pursue careers teaching applied management at the university level in addition to researching and publishing in the field of management. According to the BLS, the median annual salary for postsecondary educators in May 2015 was $63,000, however salaries can rise to an average of $124,000 for the top ten percent of those employed.

Online degree programs in applied management can be found at the bachelor's, master's and doctorate levels. These programs prepare students for managerial and executive positions with courses on risk management, project management and strategic operations.

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