Online Audiology Courses Overview

Online audiology classes can be found within bachelor's degree programs in areas such as communication science and speech-language pathology. Online courses are also available as part of graduate degree programs in audiology and speech-language pathology.

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Online Courses in Audiology

This list outlines some of the audiology courses commonly offered as part of academic programs that can be found online.

  • Introductory Audiology Course: This course lays out the basics of hearing and the physical systems involved in the hearing process. Students learn about defective hearing and its causes and effects. They also become familiar with the means for testing hearing.
  • Aural Disorders and Treatment Course: Students are trained to identify and treat hearing and related communication disorders. They learn about the effects of various treatment methods, including hearing aids, lip reading and other forms of communication. The course also delves more deeply into assessments of hearing disorders.
  • Language Acquisition and Patterns in Children Course: Students learn universal benchmarks of human language development from crying and babbling to speech. Focus is placed on early childhood, from birth to age five. Intervention strategies used to address language delays are discussed.
  • Physiology of Speech and Hearing Course: The anatomical and physiological aspects of speech production, hearing and the vestibular system are examined in depth. Students gain an understanding of patterns of normal speech and voice production.
  • Speech Acoustics Course: Students in this course will learn to analyze the expression of human speech by scientifically studying sound using the principles of physics.
  • Rehabilitation Audiology Course: Students in this course receive training in the treatment for individuals whose auditory capacity is deteriorating over the course of their lifespan. Topics of discussion include hearing loss evaluation, intervention options and counseling.
  • Voice Disorders Course: In this course, students learn to diagnose voice disorders and develop rehabilitation strategies for children and adults. They discuss voice substitution options like electrolarynx and esophageal speech.

Program Information

Audiologists treat those with hearing, balance and other ear-related problems. In order to become an audiologist, one needs a doctoral degree and state licensure; most doctoral programs have in-person clinical requirements.

Online audiology courses don't strictly focus on the ear; classes also cover corresponding functions of speech and language. Those studying audiology learn the physical mechanisms behind hearing, speech and balance, in addition to the skills necessary to identify and treat hearing disorders. Coursework is available at the undergraduate and graduate levels, leading to a bachelor's, master's or doctoral degree.

Individuals who are looking to pursue careers related to audiology and speech therapy can find relevant online coursework that covers the science behind hearing and speech problems, as well as treatment training courses.

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