Online Basic Electronics Class Information

Students interested in basic electronics courses can take standalone courses or enroll in fully online degree programs. In these courses, students learn about different types of electronic current and the circuitry that allows various technology to function.

Online Classes in Basic Electronics

Below are some common examples of online courses found in electronics.

  • Introduction to Practical Electronics Course: Students learn basic mechanics of electronic current, circuit function and electronic component identification. A virtual laboratory element may be incorporated into the lesson plan, where students gain hands-on experience in building basic electronics.
  • Signal Communications Course: Topics in this class include both analog and digital signal communications. Some programs focus on digital technology or hardware components of communication systems. Since signal processing is a basic element of electronics, this subject is one of the first covered in most programs. Students complete weekly assignments.
  • Circuitry Course: Students learn intermediate circuit design and theory in this course. Circuit networking, modulation, and AM/FM circuit transmission may also be covered. Class may include a final circuit design project to be graded by the instructor.
  • Semiconductor Fundamentals Course: Semiconductors are the building blocks of electronics hardware. In this class students learn about electronic junctions, stabilizing techniques and operation principles. Transistors may also be covered. Coursework generally involves weekly graded assignments.
  • Fundamentals of DC Circuits Course: In this class, students encounter the basics behind Direct Current (DC) electronic components. Concepts such as voltage, resistance and electromagnetism will be covered. A circuit simulation tool may often assist students with laboratory exercises.
  • Electronics Hardware Course: In this course, students will learn about how electrical components are connected. Topics include boards, connectors and cables.
  • Transformers Course: This course will teach students about how power is transmitted via transformers of electricity. Focus is placed on how electric power moves through electronic equipment such as a radio or any signal circuit.

Program Information

Students interested in basic electronics may access non-credit online public study guides offered by several schools. For-credit courses are generally offered in electronics engineering or electronics technology associate's or bachelor's programs, and students can enroll in single courses or as a degree-seeking student. Diploma programs are also available online. Typically, those pursuing a degree go much further than basic electronics and are geared towards students interested in turning their knowledge of electronics into a career.

While some online courses in basic electronics provide laboratory simulators or virtual labs, other courses may require the student purchase an electronics kit.

Online basic electronic classes are available through diplomas, associate's and bachelor's degrees. Topics include DC circuits, transformers and electronics hardware.

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