Online Biomedical Ethics Class and Course Information

Online Courses in Biomedical Ethics

The courses below represent a few of the online options for students interested in biomedical ethics.

  • Fundamentals of Biomedical Ethics Course: Students explore major topics in the field of biomedical ethics, such as genetic testing, abortion, human experimentation and euthanasia. Courses often examine relevant legal cases and may consider formal constructs of medical morality, such as the Hippocratic Oath. Introductory biomedical ethics courses emphasize developing a capacity to utilize ethical principles and reasoning in personal and professional situations.
  • Clinical Biomedical Ethics Course: Methods of analysis for biomedical ethics are a focus of these courses. Problem-solving methods, medical recording and documentation, practices of informed consent, resource allocation and physician-assisted suicide are examples of topics used to analyze ethical medical practice. Relevant cases generally are discussed.
  • Biomedical Research Ethics Course: The field of bioethics is examined as it relates to scientific research and integrity. Courses emphasize ethical perspectives toward research that uses human volunteers or animal subjects. Students look at research ethics committees, research ethics literature and federal regulations regarding research conduct.
  • Legal Perspectives on Biomedical Ethics Course: These courses examine the history of biomedical ethics, the U.S. legal system and relevant legal cases that have shaped biomedical ethics in the last 30 years. Case topics include end-of-life care, organ transplantation, doctor-patient relationships and reproduction.
  • Sociological Biomedical Ethics Course: Cultural values and perspectives on life and death, the self and the body situate any discussion regarding biomedical ethics. Students read sociological, anthropological and philosophical texts to examine current issues in biomedical ethics and to analyze how factors like economics, gender and the media influence bioethical problems and resolutions.
  • Pediatric Ethics Course: In this course, biomedical ethics are applied to children, including infants and adolescents. Students learn how to make serious medical decisions concerning children. Other topics discussed in this course include determining whether to administer or withhold life-support care, neonatal prematurity, and genetics.
  • History of Bioethics Course: This course offers students an opportunity to study a timeline of the history and development of bioethics throughout the 19th and 20th centuries. Topics include the evolution of bioethics, technological advancements and scholarly documents.
  • Global Ethics Course: In this course, students will explore various ethical issues and challenges related to medical care and research across the world. Specific topics include political, social and economic contexts of various countries, in additional to cultural differences, and how they're connected to pharmaceuticals and clinical care.

Program Information

Online biomedical ethics courses are offered as part of master's degree and certificate programs designed to support a philosophical examination of ethical controversies in biology and medicine. Standalone courses are also available. Degree and certificate programs in areas related to biomedical ethics are available entirely online or through a hybrid on-site and online format. Students from varied backgrounds take these courses, including health professionals, nurses, doctors, lawyers and university undergraduates. Graduates of online biomedical ethics degree programs work in divergent settings, such as hospitals, government agencies, research centers and universities. There are also programs that feature open enrollment for students and professionals who want to take a single course.

Students who want to study online biomedical ethics classes can do so through certificate programs, individual courses and master's degree programs. Topics include the history of bioethics, global ethics and pediatric ethics.

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