Online Computer Game Courses Overview

Online Courses in Computer Games

The descriptions below detail some commonly offered online computer game courses.

  • Introductory Programming Course: In this course, students learn basic programming language and its use in computer game design and development. Some courses focus on a specific programming language or software, but most aim to teach students to adapt to different programming languages and systems. Instructors may schedule online meetings for students to discuss common programming topics, such as loops, branches, variables, arrays, structures and functions.
  • Data Structures Course: This course covers the importance of organizing programming codes and data. Students may create and share projects online to demonstrate their understanding of specific data constructs, such as stacks and queues. A data structures course is usually taken in the middle a student's program.
  • Introductory Game Design Course: This course often includes online lectures that introduce students to all the elements of game design, such as developing a story and a cast of characters, creating and designing the game, testing and prototyping. Students may create a small part of a computer game and submit it online for instructor and peer evaluation.
  • Introductory Computer Graphics Course: Students in an online computer game program usually take several levels of computer graphics courses. At the introductory level, instructors may provide online lectures about graphics systems, clipping graphics, shading and modeling. Students may be assessed by creating graphics using the techniques they have learned and submitting them online through the course's website.
  • 3D Game Design Course: In this course, students will learn the basics of 3D game animation, and gain practice designing 3D game elements. Students will focus on shape, texture and more as they animate and render 3D models. The course will also discuss the process through which an element gets from conception through design and into the game.
  • Scripting for Games Course: This course will teach students about scripting for game engines. Topics include loops, events and functions.
  • Interactive Animation Course: In this course, students will cover modern techniques of interactive animation for game development. Creativity through programming will be highlighted.

Program Information

Students interested in an online computer game education can participate in bachelor's degree or certificate programs in game design, development and production. Admission into these programs may require a portfolio of program-specific drawing and design materials, in addition to standard application requirements. Programs may lead to a Bachelor of Science in Game Development or a certificate in video game design and development.

Many computer game design and development programs require specific design software and/or equipment; these requirements vary by school and program. Some programs may also require hardware, such as a printer, scanner, digital camera, and/or digital drawing tablet. Students are encouraged to investigate required materials for courses and programs before enrolling. Graduates of online computer game programs may find careers as game designers, developers or testers.

Online computer game courses are available via certificate and bachelor's degree programs. Students will study topics like animation, programming and computer graphics.

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