Online Courses and Classes in Computer Design

Mar 06, 2019

Online Computer Design Classes

Here are some commonly offered online classes in graphic and game design.

  • Typography Courses: The history, cultural influences and current uses of various typefaces are normal components in typography courses. Students explore the social and emotional impacts that typography may have and the way readers react.
  • Computer Graphics Courses: Courses focusing on computer graphics emphasize color theory as well as vector and raster design techniques. These courses focus on graphics for online use. Students often learn about composition of graphic art and issues that come with digital image manipulation.
  • Logo Design Courses: The course teaches students how companies use logos, designs and other images to create their visual corporate identity. Students deconstruct images to determine what makes a logo recognizable and popular with the public.
  • Computer Programming Course: This course is a large part of a game design curriculum. From programming to creation of game engines, students learn the language of computer games, then, using their coding skills, explore a variety of game engines and the techniques involved in game creation. Animation, hardware architecture and aesthetics are all components of these degree programs.
  • Game Design Courses: Students create prototypes as they explore the fundamentals of game design and game theory. Students learn about the production cycle of game creation, tools used in the industry and the characteristics that make a game marketable, fun and challenging for the public.
  • Animation and Character Design Courses: An attractive character can draw people to play. Students learn to create and animate characters and objects, focusing on proportion and form. In these courses, students use flipbooks or stop motion animation to bring a character to life. Topics like frame animation, gestures and actions are explored.
  • Game Programming Courses: To build a working video game, students must be proficient in a game programming language, such as C++. Students learn about program logic and program development environments. Part of the course focuses on problem-solving techniques. The course teaches students to create code that they can use for multiple projects.
  • Fundamentals of Branding Course: This course focuses on the visual and conceptual foundations of brand marketing. Students will analyze and think critically about how a brand is created, then have an opportunity to practice extending brand image to new items, events and ideas, through incorporating brand identity markers.
  • Graphic Design for the Web Courses: These courses cover graphic design theories and how they can be applied to the design of internet applications. Topics of study include design strategy options, color calibration, web typography, template usage and graphics formatting.
  • Desktop Publishing Courses: In these courses, aspiring designers learn to use desktop publishing software such as Adobe InDesign, which can be used to create designs for online, app-based and print content. Student may also learn how other software programs can be used for desktop publishing, including Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop and Microsoft Word.

Program Information

Bachelor's degree programs in both graphic design and game design are relatively easy to find in an online or hybrid format. Within these programs, students are required to purchase specific software to complete assignments, like the Adobe Creative Suite, as well as have access to other accessories like a CD burner, flatbed scanner and digital camera. Higher-level degree programs are most frequently available in a traditional face-to-face format, but some graduate-level graphic design programs may be available online as Master of Art or Master of Fine Art degrees.

Individuals with bachelor's degrees in graphic design may find employment in the fields of media or corporate communications, while graduates with a bachelor's degree in game development and design may find employment in software companies as game designers, software testers and game artists.

There are many online courses that are relevant for students who are interested in computer design, whether their interests tend toward game design or graphic design. Educational options are available at both the undergraduate and graduate levels.

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