Online Courses and Classes in Political Science

Political science courses are available online at both undergraduate and graduate levels, usually as part of a degree program. Free online political science courses are also available through reputable universities as non-credit options.

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Online Political Science Courses

The following descriptions are for political science courses typically offered online.

  • United States Government Course: Typically in this course, students complete an overview of the U.S. government with emphasis based on branches of government, national policy and federalism. Students discuss various perspectives on existing political theories and conduct an examination of the Constitution.
  • Comparative Politics Course: This commonly offered course compares the political systems and governments of various world societies through current theories of comparative politics. Economic development, globalization and ideology are key concepts discussed.
  • International Relations Course: Students often discuss foreign policy, diplomacy and other key global political issues in this course. Students learn about economic, political and social factors that contribute to various theories of international relations in the global political economy.
  • Global Conflicts Course: In this course, students analyze the sources, theories and dynamics behind contemporary global conflicts. International policy methods and governance, along with global security, are taught. Course assignments discuss nationalism and power.
  • Political Philosophy Course: This course often examines political themes presented by major philosophers such as Plato and Aristotle. Students discuss how different political philosophies play out in modern society. Global justice and human rights are also a topic of study.
  • Politics and the Media Course: In this course, the content and effects of the media in relation to politics and government are examined. Students typically analyze television, newspapers, political advertising, and radio communication.
  • Human Rights Course: This course will focus on the human rights movement on an international level and how it affects the United States. Topics such as where human rights originated and the concept of civil rights will be emphasized.
  • Riots, Rebellions, Revolutions Course: In this course, students will study political conflicts which have turned violent. Special topics include the counter-culture movement of the sixties, Russian Revolution and modern events.

Program Information

Political science is a social science that focuses on the relationship between and analysis of political and behavioral processes. Usually, courses in political science are available as part of a bachelor's, master's or doctoral degree program. Free undergraduate- and graduate-level web courses are open to the public; however, they are typically not for credit. Possible fields of employment in political science include government, politics or law.

Some political science courses are offered online with a hybrid component in which research projects, labs or internships must be completed on-campus or through a local organization. In addition to a computer with Internet access, students may be required to use printed textbooks.

Plenty of options exist for online courses in political science via free classes, in addition to bachelor's, master's or doctoral degrees. Courses focus on topics like revolutions, human rights and international relations.

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