Online Degrees in Copywriting: Program Summaries

Dec 03, 2019

Get information about online copywriting programs. Read about program requirements, course details and descriptions, as well as career and continuing education options.

Essential Information

While there are no online programs in copywriting, many online bachelor's degrees in business administration include courses that could be useful for someone seeking a career in writing promotional materials. Most programs can be completed totally through online study. Students can view archived lectures and download course materials as their schedules allow, within certain deadlines. They may need special computer software like Adobe Photoshop and Dreamweaver for courses in Web marketing and visual design.

A Bachelor in Business Administration degree program gives students a look at business principles, advertising, marketing and management techniques, knowledge vital to copywriters. Aspiring copywriters may opt for courses like marketing, consumer behavior, and advertising.

Bachelor's Degree in Business Administration

Good copywriting establishes connections between businesses and their customers. As such, copywriters must have a thorough understanding of both business management and consumer behavior. A business administration degree program draws from economics, sociology, and communications to analyze both sides of the purchasing relationship and build skills that can be used for marketing and promotional efforts.

Bachelor's Program Information and Requirements

Many online bachelor's degree programs in business administration offer all classes via the Internet, without requiring any on-campus visits. Courses are generally provided through a course management system (CMS) that distributes lectures, readings, and assignments and maintains a discussion board for students and teachers. Some classes in visual advertising and web marketing require specialized design and web development software, such as Adobe Photoshop and Dreamweaver.

Applicants to a business administration degree program are generally required to hold a high school diploma or GED. Most programs take less time to complete than a traditional bachelor's degree, ranging from 15 months to about three years; however, students who have completed previous college coursework may finish in a shorter time.

Common Copywriting and Business Administration Classes

Courses in a business administration program combine economics, sociology, psychology, history, and communications to analyze markets, run businesses efficiently and appeal to customers. Aspiring copywriters will find courses on marketing and consumer behavior particularly relevant to their desired occupation.

Consumer Behavior

Classes on consumer behavior look at major social and psychological influences on individuals' purchasing decisions. Theories and required course readings typically draw from economics and sociology.

Advertising and Promotion

A class on advertising and promotion introduces the principles of effectively appealing to audiences by means of copywriting and design strategies. Various formats and media are discussed, including print and online ads, press releases, and direct marketing appeals.

Business Fundamentals

A business fundamentals course introduces the basics of accounting, finance, personnel management, corporate strategy and other tasks required to run businesses successfully. The class draws from economics, history, and mathematics to explain principles for efficient and effective management.

Advertisement Copywriting

In a course on writing advertising copy, students learn to craft rhetorically effective and visually appealing messages to promote various products and services. Courses usually cover a variety of genres and media, including newspaper ads, press releases and web copy.

Career Information

Professional copywriters may hold full-time positions in marketing or sales or work as freelancers. There is generally high competition for both salaried and freelance copywriting jobs. As with other writing and editing jobs, there is an industry trend toward downsizing staff members and relying more on freelance workers. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, employment for those in the writing and editing fields is expected to undergo no growth from 2018-2028. The median annual salary for writers and authors was $62,170 as of May 2018 (

Continuing Education

Those who already hold a bachelor's degree can pursue further copywriting education through online master's programs in business administration, advertising or marketing with courses in copywriting. There are many online degree programs available, most of which take less than two years to complete. Students learn about advertising and business administration principles in greater depth and may take more advanced courses in communication and design strategies or consumer behavior.

Online certificate programs in advertising and marketing are another option for continuing copywriting education. Some programs are specifically designed to teach Internet and new media marketing techniques, covering search engine optimization (SEO), social networking, and other digital copywriting concerns.

Copywriting degree programs are not available online, though students can complete a business administration degree program entirely online. This program offers courses important to those wanting to learn more about copywriting.

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