Online Degrees in Electrical Engineering Technology: Program Overviews

Dec 09, 2019

Get info about online programs in electrical engineering. Read about program requirements, course topics and degree levels, and check out career and continuing education options.

Essential Information

Fully online degree programs in electrical engineering technology are not widely available. The online programs that are available are typically degree-completion programs for students with a related associate's degree or significant prior college credits and hybrid programs that hold lab courses on campus while presenting didactic components of the curriculum through online courses. The online courses in hybrid programs cover types of circuits and systems that technicians may encounter as they develop and test electronics.

Admission to one of these degree-completion programs typically requires two years of college coursework and a minimum GPA.

Bachelor's Degree Completion Program in Electrical Engineering Technology

Students enrolled in an online bachelor's degree completion program for electrical engineering technology learn how to develop or improve products and processes involving electricity. Topics of study include analog and digital electronics, electrical circuitry, computer networking, power distribution and wireless communication. Graduates are able to conduct original research and experiments, suggest solutions to engineering issues and use computers to solve technological problems.

Program Information and Requirements

Baccalaureate degree completion programs usually consist of 126 credit hours and are designed for students who have already completed at least two years of undergraduate work. To be considered for an online bachelor's degree completion program in electrical engineering technology, applicants must have completed at least two years from an accredited college or university, with a minimum GPA.

Students are expected to have access to a computer with a reliable connection to the Internet. They must already know how to move and copy files, install computer programs and use Microsoft Office Suite, especially Excel and Word.

List of Common Electrical Engineering Technology Courses

Although most of the curriculum within this bachelor's degree completion program is offered online, labs may need to be completed on campus. Accounting for students' traveling and scheduling needs, these courses may be offered during the summer or on weekends. Classes cover theoretical engineering principles that teach students how to create, develop and test electronic equipment; examples are provided below.

Introduction to Fiber Optics

This introductory course reviews how light transmits through fiber, including signals, attenuation and connections. Students explore optical receivers and transmitters for digital signals.

Circuit Analysis

This class analyzes AC and DC electrical circuits, including RL, magnetic and RC circuits; it also covers power sources and conversion of units. Kirchhoff's and Ohm's laws are also reviewed.

Digital Electronics

This course covers system conversations, logic gates, Boolean searches and related algebra, logic gates and truth tables. Course also introduces students to Karnaugh maps.

Career Information

Those who have earned an online bachelor's degree in electrical engineering technology have the education and skills to start careers with architectural and engineering firms, local or federal government and scientific research organizations - among a myriad of other possibilities. The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics reported that the median annual salary for electrical and electronics engineering technicians was $63,200 as of May 2018. Most of the nation's engineering technicians specialize in electricity and electronics, but little to no change in employment is expected in this field between 2018 and 2028 (

Continuing Education

Graduates interested in becoming an engineer may wish to pursue a Master of Science in Electrical Engineering. Many such degree programs are available online.

Online degree programs in electrical engineering technology include degree-completion programs for students with two years of college coursework under their belt. Coursework covers various aspects of electronic and electrical engineering theory, preparing students for work as technicians.

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