Online Degrees in Marketing Management: Program Overviews

Dec 04, 2019

Essential Information

Students who are interested in marketing management will find many online Bachelor of Science or Bachelor of Business Administration degrees with specializations in that area. These degrees can be earned entirely online.

Online master's degrees in marketing management are not as common, but many business-related master's programs can be tailored to cater to this specialization. Like bachelor's degree programs, master's programs can be completed totally online.

Bachelor's Degree in Marketing Management

This degree program discusses how to connect businesses with potential customers, develop products, manage accounts, communicate with the public and conduct administrative tasks necessary to work as a marketing manager.

Program Information and Requirements

While an online bachelor's degree in marketing management typically takes four years to complete, many students choose earn their degree sooner by transferring credits from prior college experience, enrolling in an accelerated program or finding a program that allows other forms of credit (such as experience).

Students use an Internet-based system to communicate with professors and classmates, view lectures and submit assignments. Online classes are often available 24 hours a day; students also have ongoing access to online research libraries.

Course Topics

Online bachelor's degree program curricula in this field are typically identical to their campus-based counterparts. They cover creative and strategic elements needed for business marketing, but also feature a significant amount of general education work.


Students learn about overseeing and leading staff members. Topics include human resources, staff motivation, communication and financing. Some programs include a general business management course while others discusses management issues in the specific context of marketing.


This class teaches students how to develop a message that reaches their target audience. Students learn about the history of advertising, campaign customization and how advertising works in society.

Consumer Behavior

Consumer habits, loyalties, preferences and perceptions are discussed in this course. Students learn how buyers behave in the marketplace within the context of their cultural and economic backgrounds.

Organizational Change

Students learn about the effects of change on a company and how to take advantage of restructuring and new developments. Discussion topics include strategies, techniques and theories of organizational change.

Master's Degree in Marketing Management

Online master's degree programs in marketing management are rare. However, similar programs in advertising and marketing may be more widely available. Students acquire the marketing and management skills necessary for working with large companies on an international basis; this training can be tailored to a multitude of positions across all industries, and specializations may be available depending on the school. Graduates are awarded a Master of Science.

Program Information and Requirements

Individuals enrolled in an online master's degree program for marketing management participate through video, presentations, discussions and lectures that all take place on the Internet. Students are expected to communicate regularly with professors and interact with their peers through e-mail and message boards. Most programs don't require enrollees to attend any on-campus classes or seminars, but they are required to take approximately eight courses online to earn their master's degree.

Course Topics

Marketing management students learn about product development, business operations and marketing theory. Upon completion of all courses, they are prepared to lead teams and oversee marketing operations on an international level.


A master-level marketing course covers modern methods for businesses to reach their customers. The course focuses on the Internet, data mining, blogging, search engine optimization and other techniques that are currently being used and developed in the marketing field.

Product Development

Students in a product development course learn how to assess new ideas for products and their demand in the marketplace, use technological innovations and introduce new products to consumers. The course also discusses building upon existing products.

Economic Research

Economic research and analysis at local, regional, national and global levels are discussed in this course. Students learn how to use data to determine target markets and product placement.

Career Information

Many employers look for marketing managers who have at least a bachelor's degree, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS). reported in November 2019 that marketing managers earned between $42,000-$103,000. However, marketing managers must maintain a competitive edge to find higher-paying jobs, which may mean that candidates with an undergraduate degree may wish to pursue a master's degree in marketing (

Wages for marketing managers vary by industry, experience and education. data indicates that experienced marketing managers earned a median pay of around $75,000 in November 2018. However, the BLS reported that marketing managers earned a median salary of $134,290 as of 2018. The BLS also stated that marketing managers might have better job security than many other positions in business, because their jobs and expertise are vital to a business' success.

There are a number of online degree programs in the marking management field, both at the undergraduate and graduate level. Students in these programs learn about important trends in consumer behavior as well as marketing strategies.

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