Online EMT Refresher Course and Continuing Education Information

Jan 02, 2019

Online Refresher Courses for EMTs

These courses are commonly offered online for EMT refresher and continuing education.

  • Health and Safety Course: This course focuses on the implementation of hygienic and emergency care practices. Some topics discussed include scene safety, body substance isolation (BSI) and the use of protective equipment. Students learn how to safely lift and move patients for transportation. Stress management and other mental health topics are also discussed.
  • Airway Management Course: In this course, students learn how to assess and manage the breathing of patients. Techniques and interventions for airway clearing are taught. Students also review the medical equipment designed to aid respiration, such as resuscitation devices. Anatomy and physiology are another area of study in this course.
  • Patient Assessment Course: Students review the proper methodology in assessing both medical and trauma patients in this class. The course also focuses on special concerns for geriatric and pediatric patients. Appropriate communication and documentation methods are also covered.
  • Medical/Behavioral Emergencies Course: In this course, students learn about medication administration and pharmacology through review of various medical emergency categories such as poisons and overdose, cardiac and respiratory. The course also addresses the handling of psychological patients and any medical-legal issues that may arise.
  • Obstetrics, Infants and Children Course: Students in this course review common emergency health problems or injuries in infants and children. Normal and abnormal delivery procedures and care are another topic for review.
  • Trauma Course: Emergency medical care and assessment methods in cases of traumatic injury are covered in this course. Students learn the best methods for assessing signs and symptoms of injury, as well as care of trauma patients with internal and external bleeding, soft tissue damage and shock.
  • Hazmat Course: Using the perspective of a Hazardous Material Specialist, this course instructs EMT professionals in how to approach potentially dangerous materials on the scene of an emergency. Students also study techniques in responding to emergencies that may involve activities related to terrorism.
  • Infection Control Course: In this course, EMT professionals learn about the common practices used to prevent the spread of infectious disease. Topics of study include standard precautions, transmission-based strategies and personal protective equipment use.
  • Coronary Artery Disease Course: This course prepares EMT professionals to work with patients who have coronary artery disease. They learn about patient assessment and diagnosis techniques, potential complications and emergency treatment methods.

Program Information

Online EMT refresher and continuing education courses can be found for many levels of EMTs, from basic to paramedic. Some of these courses may result in a certificate and may be necessary for renewing licensure. While the requirements for licensure vary from state to state, many states expect certification through the National Registry of Emergency Medical Technicians (NREMT). Some states do not allow online learning in re-certification programs.

For EMT professionals who need to earn continuing education credits or would like to expand their knowledge in a particular topic, there are online courses available in a wide range of relevant subjects. Topics covered include hazmat procedures, infection control and trauma.

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