Online Engineering Management Courses and Classes Overview

Online Courses in Engineering Management

Here are some of the online courses commonly found in an engineering management graduate program.

  • Engineering Management Course: Through this course, students learn the basics of management in engineering settings. Some topics include organization, finances, planning, problem solving and human resources. A special focus on communication skills is covered through readings and assignments. The purpose of this class is to prepare students to understand the language and activities of a manager.
  • Financial Management Course: The primary focus of this introductory course is to analyze data and create projections for the next business cycle. Students learn the ins and outs of working with money and numbers in a managerial setting. They look at sample financial reports and learn how to make proper financial decisions at a management level.
  • Project Management Course: A common course in engineering management programs, this class focuses on project projections, cost estimation, risk management and project alternatives. Students learn the basics of planning projects while keeping in mind the monetary, resource and worker usage that is needed to complete a project. Other topics and skills covered in the course include examination of contracts, project testing and project supervision.
  • Communications Course: Through a series of Internet readings and lectures, students learn the basics of communicating in an engineering setting. Students study how to express complaints, problems, solutions and human resource issues eloquently through verbal and written communication.
  • Decision Making Course: Students in this course study how to compartmentalize problems and solve them like puzzles, focusing on problem solving and decision making skills. Through online discussion and review of case studies of specific issues and their resolution, students learn how to assess and ethically solve problems in the workplace. This course can be taken anytime in a business program.
  • Capstone Project Course: This course is mandatory for most online engineering management programs and can usually be completed entirely online. This course typically functions as a review of the skills and concepts learned during the program, so new material is not necessarily introduced. Students work with a professor or team of professors to propose, prepare and research a project that sums up the knowledge gained through the program. This course must be taken at the end of the program, because it is intended to demonstrate a student's mastery of overall program concepts.
  • Methods for Quality Improvement Course: This course offers its students a comprehensive look at numerous methods for quality improvement, including analyzing product, process and management systems for productivity. Students also learn how to design business and industry research experiments.
  • Risk Management Course: In this course, aspiring engineering managers learn to analyze the risks associated with potential engineering projects, and they develop strategies to mitigate such risks. When they finish, they have the skills they need to decide whether or not to pursue projects with certain levels of risk,.
  • Organizational Behavior Course: This course prepares future engineering managers for leadership roles at engineering firms by familiarizing them with the factors that affect individual and group behavior. Topics of study include motivation, rewards, conflict resolution and decision-making processes.

Program Information

Graduate programs in engineering management are for those with an engineering background and a desire to include business concepts and practices into their formal education. Colleges and universities offer a variety of options at the graduate level, including master's degree and certificate programs. Students in these programs focus their studies on project management, financial management, communications and problem solving skills. Graduates can continue on to careers with job titles like senior engineer, lead project engineer, project specialist, facilities coordinator and engineering team leader.

For individuals who want to advance to higher level positions in the field of engineering, online engineering management courses can provide preparation for leadership and administrative tasks.

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