Online Fashion Marketing Courses and Classes Overview

Online Courses in Fashion Marketing

The following list contains the descriptions of commonly offered online fashion marketing courses.

  • Fashion Marketing Course: This course is taken at the beginning of a fashion marketing student's program and gives the student a general understanding of the fashion marketing field. Students may participate in online discussions on branding, merchandise placement and understanding and catering to a market.
  • Textiles Course: A textiles course may be taken at any point in a student's program as long as he or she meets any prerequisites that the school might have. In this course, students learn about the different types of fabrics and dyes used in fashion design and manufacturing. Students may be assessed, through online quizzes and exams, by identifying a variety of fibers and stating their characteristics and best use. Another common topic is the history of apparel manufacturing techniques and the change in techniques over time.
  • Visual Fashion Merchandising and Retailing Course: This course is generally taken towards the middle or end of a student's fashion marketing program. Students learn about the importance of visual displays, merchandising and the environment in contributing to a retail store's success. Students may be asked to visit local apparel stores to analyze their window displays, lighting, dressing room setup and space utilization. They may also be asked to write a paper on their findings or discuss the store's visual merchandising techniques with their peers on their course's online discussion board.
  • Color Theory Course: A color theory course may be taken at any point in a fashion marketing program. This course explains the science behind light and color. Students may also learn about the psychological, mental and emotional impact that color has on a person. They may also participate in online activities that test their understanding of color theory by requiring them to identify complementary colors, tints, shades and primary colors. Instructors often initiate discussions on how retailers can use a consumer's response to color as a marketing tool.
  • History of Fashion Course: Students usually take a history of fashion course in the beginning of their program. This course looks at how fashion, trends and clothing manufacturing have changed over time. Students may submit papers through e-mail, discussing how studying the history of fashion may help someone working in fashion marketing better understand how to market to own their consumers. Students may also learn about how media, such as magazines, television and film, have affected fashion over time.
  • Fashion Marketing and Advertising Principles: In this course, students explore the various factors at play in creating advertising and marketing programs. Studies teach students to bring together various concepts like visual merchandising and advertising best practices to create effective promotional campaigns and strategies specifically for businesses within the fashion industry.
  • Consumer Behavior Course: This course will teach students about the importance of studying demographics and consumer identities. How to market to a specific generation will also be emphasized.
  • Product Development Course: In this course, students will learn about how fashion products are developed from research all the way to distribution. Specific topics include calculating costs, quality control and trends in fashion.

Program Information

Online courses in fashion marketing may be offered as part of undergraduate or graduate degree programs in fashion merchandising or marketing, including both associate's and bachelor's degree programs, as well as certificate programs. Students who participate in such programs can expect to take courses, such as introductory fashion marketing and visual merchandising, that will help them learn how to effectively market to fashion consumers. Graduates with a degree in fashion marketing may be eligible for careers in retail stores, product development, public relations and the media.

Online fashion marketing courses are offered through both undergraduate and graduate degree programs and certificate programs in fields like fashion merchandising and fashion business. Students will study the development of products, various textiles and fashion merchandising, among other subjects.

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