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The following descriptions examine some typical biology courses offered online.

  • Biochemistry Course: Biochemistry courses involve the examination of chemical processes in living organisms. Participants study major biological molecules, such as proteins, fats, nucleic acids and polysaccharides. They are also introduced to organic chemistry as they learn about cellular structures and molecular bonds in organic chemicals.
  • Molecular Biology Course: Molecular biology coursework involves studying the regulation and interactions of various cellular systems. The processes of cell replication, transcription and translation are included.
  • Genetics Course: Students learn about the history of genetics, as well as genetic replication and expression. This course may involve lab exercises demonstrating the process of gene expression. Chromosomes are studied to understand the processes of human genetics, including how genetic diseases are passed down.
  • Cell Biology Course: Cellular make-up and functions are studied in this type of course. Students generally learn about cell membranes, cellular energy and enzymes.
  • Principles of Human Disease Course: This course covers a variety of human diseases, their cellular and genetic make-up and methods for treating these diseases. The focus of the class is on cancer and genetic disease, and it covers topics like human disease in animals, oncogenes, simple and complex traits and how disease progresses.
  • Ecology Course: In this course, students will explore the relationships of organisms in Earth systems, including the biosphere, oceans and atmosphere. Students will also study photosynthesis, carbon cycles and how energy moves through ecosystems.
  • Antibiotics, Toxins and Proteins Course: This course will teach students about how specific toxins target cells in the body and ruin protein synthesis. How toxins are used in modern medicines will also be covered.

Program Information

Biology is the study of life and living organisms. General biology courses encompass many aspects of the science, such as ecology, genetics, paleontology, physiology and zoology. Free, non-credit online courses usually have no prerequisites. Students may complete credit courses en route to a degree in biology, as part of a degree program in another field or for personal interest. Programs are offered via graduate certificates, bachelor's degrees and master's degrees, in addition to standalone courses. Students will need to check on whether a general biology course is taught fully online or in a hybrid format to accommodate labs. They'll also want to be sure they have access to necessary biology software, if required.

Online biology courses are available as individual classes or as part of graduate certificate, bachelor's degree and master's degree programs. Topics include cell biology, human disease and genetics.

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