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Although it is uncommon for colleges and universities to offer full online programs in genetics, many schools offer online genetics classes as part of various undergraduate and graduate science degree programs.

Online Courses in Genetics

The following summaries describe some of the commonly offered online courses and classes in genetics.

  • Genetics: In this introductory class in genetics, students will learn about the basics of genes and DNA. Students will gain knowledge regarding the genetic makeup of persons and creatures, as well as how genes function, are inherited and can be altered. Introductory genetics courses are available at the undergraduate and graduate levels.
  • Genetics of Gregor Mendel: In this course, students will learn about the work of Gregor Mendel and his contributions to the field of genetics. Class participants will acquire knowledge about subjects such as Mendel's Laws and how they apply to modern genetics. This topic is normally offered at the graduate level.
  • Population Genetics: This subject will give students an in-depth study of the genetics of specific sectors and ethnicities in society. Students will garner perspective on how and why certain populations have inherited specific genetic traits and afflictions. This subject is normally taken at the graduate level.
  • Bioinformatics: This course will teach students how to use statistics and computers to compile and record genetic data. Students will learn how specific genetic data is recorded, stored and interpreted. This course is usually taken at the graduate level.
  • Introduction to Genetics and Evolution: The principles behind the most fundamental of all life sciences are examined. The genetic code, the genome sequences that determine the structure and function of all life are scrutinized. Students learn how genetics is involved in areas from animal behavior to your chance of developing a serious disease.
  • Gene Therapy: This course begins with an overview of gene therapy and its uses for the treatment of diseases and disorders. From there, students analyze primary scientific literature on cutting-edge techniques, including genome editing, RNA interference and non-coding RNA expression. This is typically a graduate-level course.
  • Genetics of Cancer: In this course, students learn how genetics affect the development of cancer. They also study how growing knowledge in the field is leading to new drugs and therapeutic strategies. This course is usually intended for graduate students.

Program Information

Basic, introductory genetics courses may be offered online for students looking to earn a bachelor's degree in a physical science discipline, such as biology. However, many online genetics courses are geared in the direction of students pursuing master's degrees in genetic counseling, or doctoral degrees in medicine or clinical genetics. There are also online graduate certificate programs. Regardless of level, online genetics courses can typically be completed fully online. Graduates with an advanced genetics background could pursue careers in academia or as physicians or researchers at medical institutions.

Individuals who want to study genetics in online formats can find introductory courses online, as well as advanced classes that allow them to delve into particular subtopics within the field.

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