Online Graduate Courses in Chemistry: Course Descriptions

Online and partially online graduate chemistry courses are generally offered as part of master's or doctoral degree programs in research, chemistry education or industrial chemistry. More specialized program offerings include a master's degree in analytical chemistry or chemical and materials synthesis.

Online Graduate Chemistry Courses

Here are some online courses in chemistry commonly offered through graduate programs.

  • Organic Chemistry Course: Students survey organic chemistry through the integration of theory and fact coupled with a systematic study of reactions. The use of organic compounds and physical and chemical properties are also discussed.
  • Inorganic Chemistry Course: Students learn about inorganic chemistry through an analysis of inorganic and organometallic bonding and structure. In addition, the application of group theory and inorganic chemistry will be developed.
  • Chemistry Research and Teaching Course: Students gain an introductory understanding of research methodologies and how to maintain a research journal. Laboratory safety, techniques in teaching and first aid, and how to efficiently use library resources are also covered.
  • Analytical Proficiency in Chemistry Course: Students learn about advanced methods and instruments used in the analysis of materials. Discussion topics include spectroscopy and electrochemistry advanced applications, advanced methods of separation and design experimentation.
  • Chemical and Material Synthesis Course: Zero-waste, high-yield and representative chemical processes are taught in this course. Students also gain understanding of the development and design of benign environmental chemical pathways.
  • Statistics for Analytical Chemistry Course: In this survey course, students learn about foundational principles of statistics, such as probability, sampling estimates, experiment design and regression analysis.
  • Batteries and Supercapacitors Course: Students in this course learn about primary and secondary batteries and supercapacitors. In addition to studying the history of research in the field and currently available technologies, students explore proposed innovations like metal-air and lithium-sulfur batteries.
  • Medicinal Chemistry of Drugs Course: In this course, students learn about the chemical and pharmacological underpinnings of drugs of abuse, including depressants, stimulants, inhalants and hallucinogens. The course also covers relevant legal topics, such as the Controlled Substances Act.

Program Information

Online graduate courses in chemistry can be found as part of online graduate certificate and master's degree programs. It may also be possible to apply online credits toward on-campus master's and PhD programs. Some coursework may require a laboratory component, and while some programs may not allow for these courses to be completed online, others offer a home science lab option, providing students with the necessary materials to complete lab assignments from home. Job options for graduates of these programs include high school chemistry teacher, analytical, industrial or research chemist, chemistry development lab manager, and chemical engineer or chemical scientist.

Graduates who want to take advanced courses in chemistry can find a variety of offerings online, which can help them prepare for research and/or teaching jobs in the future.

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